Recent Dissertations and Qualifying Papers in Crime and Social Control


  • Tracie Witte. 2013. “Battling Moralities: Competing for Medical Marijuana Legislation.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Chair; Allan Horwitz; Julie Phillips).
  • Chioun Lee. 2012. “Childhood Abuse and Physiological Dysregulation in Midlife and Old Age” (Deborah Carr, Chair; Allan Horwitz; Kristen Springer; Helene White).
  • Paul Reck. 2010. “Placing Race and Policing in Context: An Investigation of How Patrol Officers’ Perceptions of Racial Groups are Shaped by the Local Contexts in Which They are Embedded.” (Paul Hirschfield, Chair; Patrick Carr; Zaire Dinzey-Flores; Catherine Lee).

Qualifying Papers

  • Brooklynn Hitchens. 2015. "'CNN of the Ghetto?' Analyzing Black Females, Fight Videos, and the Construction of Urban Violence on WorldStarHipHop." (Paul Hirschfield, Karen Cerulo, Zaire Dinzey-Flores).
  • Jason B. Phillips. 2015. "Post-Incident Interpersonal Difficulty among Adolescent Victims of Intentional Violence." (Lauren Krivo, Paul Hirschfield, Julie Phillips).
  • Muqaddas Pulotova. 2015. "Strategic Social Control of Minorities: The Case of Tajik Labor Migrants in Russia." (Paul Hirschfield, Lauren Krivo, Richard Williams).
  • Portia Allen-Kyle. 2014. "The Demographic Origins of Juvenile Curfew Laws: A Longitudinal Hazard Analysis." (Paul Hirschfield, Karen Cerulo, Lauren Krivo).
  • Alicia Raia. 2014. "Sanction Avoidance Strategies and Norm Reinforcement."  (Patrick Carr, Deborah Carr, Paul Hirschfield).
  • Monica Herrera. 2011.  “Combating Controversy: A Comparison of Organizational Responses to Failure.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Paul Hirschfield, Richard Williams).
  • Chioun Lee. 2011. “The Effects of Childhood Maltreatment on Serious Injuries and Premature Death in Young Adulthood: An Examination of Mediating Effects.”  (Helene White, Allan Horwitz, Kristen Springer).

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