Previous Qualifying Papers in Enviornment, Technology, and Society

  • Allison Burger. 2007. “You Are What You Eat:” Food-Related Values and Participation in Community-Supported Agriculture.” (Thomas Rudel, O'Neill).
  • Karen Stein. 2007. “Understanding Consumption and Environmental Change in China: A Cross-National Comparison of Consumer Patterns.” (Thomas Rudel, Leichenko)
  • John Lang. 2005. “Reducing the Risk of Technology: Socially Embedded Trust.” (Lee Clarke, Patricia Roos)
  • Janet Lorenzen. 2005. “Global Markets and Local Consumer Culture: A Reinterpretation of the McDonaldization Thesis.” (Thomas Rudel, Leichenko)
  • Maria Perez-Lugo. 2001. “Media Uses in Disaster Situations: A New Focus on the Impact Phase.” (Sarah Rosenfield, Karen Cerulo)
  • Maria Perez-Lugo. 2000. “The Mass Media and Disaster Awareness in Puerto Rico: A Case Study of the Floods in Barrio Tortugo.” (Thomas Rudel, O'Neill)
  • Diane Bates. 1997. Green Imperialism Or Underdevelopment?: Sources of Variation in Tropical Rainforest Protection.” (Thomas Rudel, D. Randall Smith)
  • Katharine Lane. 1996. “Mountain Miners of a Mineral Colony: Evidence of Agency Within Economic Dependency.” (Thomas Rudel, Oppenheimer)
  • Jill Roper. 1996. “We Grow People: Community Gardening Programs as Solutions to the Problems of Low Income Neighborhoods.” (Katherine Edin, Thomas Rudel)
  • Ruth Simpson. 1996. “The ‘Uncertain Response’ in Studies of Risk Perception.” (Patricia Roos, Lee Clarke)

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