Recent Graduate Courses in Social Networks

  • Social Network Analysis  [in the Sociology department]: A comprehensive overview of the theoretical foundations of network analysis, along with methods for conducting networks research and illustrative work from many different subfields in the discipline, including economic sociology, political sociology, historical sociology, epidemiology, small group dynamics, and the sociology of culture.
  • Social Networks [in the School of Communication & Information (SC&I)]: A non-mathematical introduction to social network analysis, including fundamental concepts such as network size, centrality, homophily, multiplexity, tie duration, and tie strength. The course shows how noting the organization of social relationships can increase our understanding of various aspects of social life, such as health, social support, job attainment, information diffusion. Particular attention is given to the role of communications media and the role of new technologies.
  • Organizational Communication Networks [in SC&I]:Reviews the theory, concepts, procedures, and analyses of social networks with an emphasis on understanding communication and organizing processes, to help us understand social movements, community resilience, social capital, social influence, and capacity building. Students will simultaneously develop a working knowledge of relevant social networks concepts and methods used to describe and understand relationships in and among organizations.
  • Social Network Analysis [in SC&I]: Reviews the concepts, methods, and analyses required for assessing and modeling multiple levels of social networks, using techniques such as Exponential Random Graph Models.
  • Analyzing and Managing Organizational Networks [in the School of Management & Labor Relations]: A course specifically geared to networks, authority, and decision-making in organizational settings. Students learn to use UCINET, predominantly to study Human Relations issues.

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