Böröcz, József


jborocz thumb3József Böröcz
Ph.D. The Johns Hopkins University, 1992

Department of Sociology
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
26 Nichol Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901

Office: Davison Hall, 132A
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Dr. Böröcz's interests include historical/comparative sociology, global structures, social change, economic discourse, state socialism and its legacy, empire and coloniality. He is the author of The European Union and Global Social Change: A Critical Geopolitical-Economic Analysis, Leisure Migration: A Sociological Comparison (Pergamon Press, 1996), co-editor and contributor of a collection of studies entitled Empire's New Clothes: Unveiling EU-Enlargement, (an e-book available online, published by the online journal Central Europe Review, 2001), A New World Order? Global Transformation in the Late 20th Century (Greenwood Press, 1995), and Gender and Nation (a Special Block in the journal East European Politics and Societies). His most recent journal publications include "Goodness Is Elsewhere: The Rule of European Difference", Comparative Studies in Society and History, 2006, "Redistributing Global Inequality, Economic and Political Weekly, 2005, and (co-authored with Mahua Sarkar) "What Is the EU?", International Sociology, 2005. For more details, consult his website listed above.


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Department of Sociology
Davison Hall
26 Nichol Avenue,
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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