Stevens, Lindsay

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Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: "According to Plan?: Medicine, Culture, and Reproductive Planning in the United States"

Dissertation Committee: Joanna Kempner (Chair), Deborah Carr, Catherine Lee, Norah MacKendrick, Rene Almeling (Yale University)

Areas of Interest: Medical Sociology, Sex and Gender, Qualitative Methods, Environmental Sociology, Science & Technology Studies, Body and Embodiment, Reproduction and Fertility 

Peer-Reviewed Publications: 

Stevens, Lindsay M. 2016. "Environmental Contaminants and Reproductive Bodies: Provider Perspectives on Risk, Gender, and Responsibility." Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 57(4): 471-485.

MacKenrick, Norah and Lindsay M. Stevens. 2016. "'Taking Back a Little Bit of Control': Managing the Contaminated Body through Consumption." Sociological Forum, 31(2):310-329. 

Stevens, Lindsay M. 2015. "Planning Parenthood: Health Care Providers' Perspectives on Pregnancy Intention, Readiness, and Family Planning." Social Science & Medicine, 139: 44-52. 

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