Kao, Ying-Chao

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Dissertation Title: "Organizing Transnational Moral Conservatism: How U.S. Christian and Taiwanese ‘Pro-Family’ Movements Converge, Diverge, and Collide"

Dissertation Committee: Arlene Stein (chair), Zakia Salime, Richard Williams, Louisa Schein

Dissertation Abstract 

Areas of Interest: Sociology of Gender and Sexualities, Religion, Social Inequalities, Global and Transnational Sociology, Asian Studies, Mixed-methods Research


Translated Laud Humphreys, Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places (茶室交易) from English to Traditional Chinese. Published in 2016 by New Taipei City, Taiwan: Socio 群學.
     *This book received the 2017 Editor Award of Translated Books from the Taipei International Book Exhibition.



Kao, Ying-Chao. 2017. “Weapons of the Weak Soldiers: Military Masculinity and Embodied Resistance in Taiwanese Conscription.” Pp. 199–218 in East Asian Men: Masculinity, Sexuality and Desire, edited by X. Lin, C. Haywood and M. Mac an Ghaill. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

Kao, Ying-Chao. 2013. “The Rise of BDSM (Sub)culture and Its (Dis)contents: A Literature Review.” Sexuality Research in China 34-2:160–80.

Kao, Ying-Chao and Herng-Dar Bih. 2013. “Masculinity in Ambiguity: Constructing Taiwanese Masculine Identities between Great Powers.” Pp. 175–91 in Masculinities in a Global Era, International and Cultural Psychology, edited by J. Gelfer. New York: Springer.


Kao, Ying-Chao. 2010. “Doing Soldier, Making Love, and Becoming Men: An Exploratory Study of Queer Methodology based on Military Fieldwork (做兵、做愛、做男人:從軍事田野經驗探索酷兒理論方法論).” Pp. 331–68 in Qualitative/Gender Studies (質性/別研究), edited by P. Chou and Y.H. Lin. Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Chuliu.

Kao, Ying-Chao. 2007. “Boys Becoming Men: Possibilities and Prohibitions of Encounters in the Military Field (做兵「轉大人」:田野邂逅的能與不能).” Pp. 93–121 in So I Do My Fieldwork: Personal Journeys of a Quaternary Practice (以身為度、如是我做:田野工作的教與學), edited by G. S. Shieh. Taipei, Taiwan: Socio.

Research in Progress:

“Kinky Assemblage: Legitimizing Taiwanese BDSM Sexuality” (Revise and resubmit, Sexualities).

“Belief, Behavior, and Belonging: How Religious Involvement Influences Attitudes toward Homosexuality in 40 Countries.”

“Transnational Circulations of Moral Conservatism: How the US and Taiwanese Christian Pro-Family Movements Conspire to Produce Sexual Inequalities”

“De-uniformed Sexualities: Non-conventionality in the Sexual Scripts of Taiwan Uniform Fetishists and/or BDSM Practitioners.”

Public Sociology (selected):

Kao, Ying-Chao. 2016. “Evidence Speaks: Why is Abstinence-Only Sex Education Ineffective and Harmful? (讓研究證據說話:為什麼貞潔教育無效又有害?)” Gender Equity Education Quarterly 74:99–112.

Kao, Ying-Chao. 2013, Nov 30. “The ‘Sexonomics’ Behind Homophobia (恐懼同志的「性經濟」動力).” Independent Critique @ Common Wealth.  (http://opinion.cw.com.tw/blog/profile/52/article/796).

Kao, Ying-Chao. 2012. “Attack of the Pink Slime.” Contexts 11(3):6.

Kao, Ying-Chao and Lilia Raileanu. 2012. “How IRBs Threaten Sexuality Research: An Interview with Janice Irvine.” Contexts Podcast. Podcast, Retrieved June 5, 2012 (https://contexts.org/episodes/how-irbs-threaten-sexuality-research/).