Welcome to the Sociology Department

  • Dmitry Khodyakov. 2008. "Trust and Control in Counterpoint: A Case Study of Conductorless Orchestra." (Lee Clarke, Chair; Deborah Carr; Paul McLean; Patricia Roos). Behavioral/Social Scientist at RAND Corporation.
  • Baris Mucen. 2008. "A Study of the Doxa of Modernization as the Limit of Political Reality in Turkey."
  • John Lang. 2007. "Acceptable Trust? The Public Perception of Organizations Involved in Genetically Modified Food." (Lee Clarke, Chair; Paul McLean; Patricia Roos). Assistant Professor of Sociology at Occidental College.
  • Vanina Leschziner,. 2007. "Recipes for Success: Culinary Styles, Professional Careers, and Institutional Patterns in the Field of High Cuisine." (Karen Cerulo, Chair; John Levi Martin; Paul McLean; Ann Mische). Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto.
  • King-To Yeung. 2007. "Suppressing Rebels, Managing Bureaucrats: State Building During the Taiping Rebellion, 1850-1864." (John Levi Martin, Chair; Lee Clarke; Paul McLean; Ann Mische)
  • Mahasti Hashemi. 2006. "Immigrants and Exiles:  Iranian Women in the United States." (Martin Oppenheimer, Chair; Ethel Brooks; Karen Cerulo). Assistant Dean for Advising and Administration, Rutgers University.
  • Kevin Keogan. 2006.  "Policing the Boundaries Between 'Us' and 'Them':  Immigrants, Narrative Identity, and the Politics of Inclusion/Exclusion." (Karen Cerulo, Chair; Ann Mische; Thomas Rudel)
  • Courtney Bangert Jackson. 2005. "Attending Birth: Inter-Professional Competition Between Midwives and Physicians." (Patricia Roos, Chair; Judith Gerson; Sarah Rosenfield; D. Randall Smith). Charlotte Ellertson Postdoctoral Fellow at Ibis Reproductive Health, Boston, MA.
  • Eric Kaldor. 2005. "Advancing Corporate Capitalism in Hungary." (Jozsef Borocz, Chair; Lee Clarke; Paul McLean; Patricia Roos). Assistant Professor of Sociology, SUNY-Brockport.
  • Keumjae Park. 2005. "In our Different Names: Korean Immigrant Women and the Challenges of Post-Migration Identity Renegotiation." (Karen Cerulo, Chair; Vilna Bashi; Richard Williams). Assistant Professor of Sociology, Willliam Paterson University.

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