Qualifying Papers Completed


Jessica Poling. "Art in the Time of Frugality: Uncertainty, Collaboration, and Change in Art Museums." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Hana Shepherd, Norah MacKendrick.


John Bailey. "I Know that Feel, Bro": Masculinity and Emotional Support in Online Communities." Committee: Joanna Kempner, Kristen Springer, Allan Horwtiz.

Laura Maria Callejas. "The Struggle is Real: Conflict as a Social Status Mobility Mechanism in Schools." Committee: Hana Shepherd, Lauren Krivo, Paul McLean.

Robert Duffy. "Synecdoche and Battles over the Meaning of 'Fracking.'" Committee: Steven R. Brechin, Thomas Rudel, Judith Gerson.

Haruki Eda. "Contention and Coalition: Imagining Korean Unification through Queer Diaspora." Committee: Zakia Salime, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Jozsef Borocz.

Maria Espinoza. "A longitudinal and cross-national examination of the social causes of cholera prevalence in low income countries, 1985-2014." Committee: Thomas Rudel, Julie Phillips, Peter Guarnaccia.

Alexandra Gervis. "The Giving Paradox: Class Identity and Social Distance in the Case of Philanthropy." Committee: Hana Shepherd, Eviatar Zerubavel, Julie Phillips.

Amanda Kaplan. "Cosmic Fantasies/Cosmic Effacements: A Euro-American Story in Four Parts." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Richard Williams, Ethel Brooks.

Brandon Kramer. "The Pharmaceuticalization of Emotional Brains: Personalized Sexual Medicine for Sensitive Subjects." Committee: Joanna Kempner, Paul McLean, Allan Horwitz.

Mario Mercado-Diaz. "Violence and Abandonment Outside: Re-Imagining Urban Renewal in San Juan, Puerto Rico." Committee: Judith Gerson, Eviatar Zerubavel, Zaire Dinzey-Flores.

Stephanie Pena-Alves. "Virtual Experts: A Cultural Phenomenology of Online Space, Navigation, and Situated Experiences." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Phaedra Daipha, Zaire Dinzey-Flores.

Lior Yohanani. "Ethnicity in Action: British Officers, Jewish Guards, and German Internees in the Second World War Palestine’s Internment Camps." Committee: Judith Gerson, Jozsef Borocz, Catherine Lee.


Aghil Daghagheleh. "Minorities Denied: Religion, Nationalism and the Question of Ethnic and Linguistic Differences in Iran." Committee: Jozsef Borocz, Judith Gerson, Karen Cerulo. 

Dilara Demir. "Erasing Labor Agency and Maneuvering Characters: Erdogan's 2010 May Day Speech." Committee: Judith Gerson, Jozsef Borocz, Zaire Dinzey-Flores.

Robert Duffy. "Information, Media, and the Riskiness of Fracking." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Norah MacKendrick, Steven R. Brechin.

Idit Fast. "Traveling to School: Trends in Parents' Investments in Education." Committee: Lauren Krivo, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Naa Oyo Kwate.

Benjamin Foley. "Teach for (which) America? The politics of the moral discourse of Teach for America." Committee: Judith Gerson, Jozsef Borocz, Zakia Salime.

Adrian Good. "Alcohol as Interactant: A Test of Three Theories." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Patrick Carr, Hana Shepherd.

Alesha Henderson. "Representations of Women: The Racialization of Black and White Women on Online Breast Cancer Images." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Kristen Springer.

Brooklynn Hitchens. "Exploring Race and Context: Urban Young Women's Experiences with Policing in Low-Income, High-Crime Neighborhoods." Committee: Lauren Krivo, Patrick Carr, Patricia Roos.

Irina Nicorici. "Learning to Labor and the Making of Soviet Citizens in Moldova." Committee: Judith Gerson, Jozsef Borocz, Ethel Brooks.

Irina Nicorici. "The Politics of Continuity and Discontinuity: National Identity Production in Post-Soviet Organizations." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Judith Gerson, Karen Cerulo.

Stephanie Peña-Alves. "Say it with Doors: Object Mediated Speech Acts in Everyday Life." Committee: Deborah Carr, Eviatar Zerubavel, Richard Williams.

Jason B. Phillips. "Preventive Health Behaviors among Sexual Minority Men: Findings from the National Health Interview Survey, 2013-2015." Committee: Kristen Springer, Deborah Carr, Julie Phillips.

Muqaddas Pulotova. "Politicizing Citizenship. From Citizens to Migrants: Representation of Central Asians in Soviet and post-Soviet press." Committee: Zakia Salime, Karen Cerulo, Paul Hirschfield.

Anand Stephen.  "Framing of sanitation workers in Indian environmental news: recognition of environmental labor through collaborative othering." Committee: Norah MacKendrick, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Karen Cerulo.

Nil Uzun Weidner. "Scholarly Construction of 'the Middle East': A Content Analysis of the U.S. and the U.K. Area Studies Journals between 2000-2014." Committee: Jozsef Borocz, Zakia Salime, Karen Cerulo.

Niina Vuolajaervi. "Volatile Intimacies and new sexual cultures: an online ethnography a commercial sex community 'Secretary Academy.'" Committee: Phaedra Daipha, Judith Gerson, Zaire Dinzey-Flores.


Brittany Battle. "War Widows and Deadbeat Dads: The Semiotics of Deservingness in the U.S. Welfare System." Committee: Ethel Brooks, Eviatar Zerubavel, Judith Gerson.

John Bailey. "I hate the word 'brony': My Little Pony fans and the discursive constructions of abject masculinity online." Committee: Kristen Springer, Phaedra Daipha, Judith Gerson.

Laura Maria Callejas. "Seeking to Apply: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in College Information Acquisition." Committee: Lauren Krivo, Julie Phillips, D. Randall Smith.

Kevin Chamow. "Heterogeneous Engineering in a US Courtroom: Assembling Criminality in the Trial of Tarek Mehanna." Committee: Zakia Salime, Jozsef Borocz, Deepa Kumar.

Dilara Demir. "Copier Mentality at Home vs. Foreign Innovator Mentality: Intellectual Property Valuation and Expert Subjectivities in Modern Day Turkey." Committee: Jozsef Borocz, Ethel Brooks, Ann Mische.

Idit Fast. "Understanding Educational Policy Formation: The Case of School Violence Policies in Israel." Committee: Hana Shepherd, Lauren Krivo, Judith Gerson.

Victoria Gonzalez. "'It's nice that you want to ship it, but...': 'Swan Queen,' Shipping and Symbolic Boundary Regulation in Fandom." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Hana Shepherd, Richard Williams.

Steve Grimes. "The Production and Institutionalization of the Visual Intelligibility of Wedding Photography." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Arlene Stein, Richard Williams.

Tsai-Yen Han. "Construction of a sterilized zone in a food-science laboratory: Infrastructure, sterilization, and network." Committee: Phaedra Daipha, Joanna Kempner, Norah MacKendrick.

Brooklynn Hitchens. "CNN of The Ghetto?" Analyzing Black Females, Fight Videos, and the Construction of Urban Violence on WorldStarHipHop Video Website." Committee: Paul Hirschfield, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Karen Cerulo.

Elizabeth Luth. "Pain Education in U.S. Medical Schools: Why so little and so varied? Insights from Administrators and Faculty Members." Committee: Catherine Lee, Joanna Kempner, Allan Horwitz.

Lauren Murphy. "If You Build It Will They Come? Moving Beyond Access-Based Models of the Built Environment and Obesity Outcomes." Committee: Lauren Krivo, Julie Phillips, Zaire Dinzey-Flores.

Jason B. Phillips. "Post-Incident Interpersonal Difficulty among Adolescent Victims of Intentional Violence." Committee: Lauren Krivo, Paul Hirschfield, Julie Phillips.

Teja Pristavec. "Social Participation in Old Age: The Role of Driving Mobility." Committee: Deborah Carr, Lauren Krivo, Julie Phillips.

Muqaddas Pulotova. "Legitimizing Dominance: Constructing Cultural Identities of Tajik Migrants in Russia." Committee: Paul Hirschfield, Lauren Krivo, Richard Williams.

Lindsay Stevens. "Environmental Contaminants as a Threat to Reproductive Health: Provider Perspectives." Committee: Norah MacKendrick, Joanna Kempner, Allan Horwitz.

Niina Vuolajaervi. "Precarious Intimacies - The Meaning of Borders to Migrant Sex Work in Finland." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Judith Gerson, Laurie Krivo.


Portia Allen-Kyle. "The Demographic Origins of Juvenile Curfew Laws: A Longitudinal Hazard Analysis." Committee: Paul Hirschfield, Lauren Krivo, Karen Cerulo.

Heather Batson. "Participation in LGBT Community Events and Groups: What is the Role of Internalized Homonegativity?" Committee: Deborah Carr, Lauren Krivo, Kristen Springer.

Brittany P. Battle. "Deservingness, Deadbeat Dads, and Responsible Fatherhood: Rhetorical Conceptualizations of Poverty, Welfare, and the Family and Child Support Policy in the United States." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Paul McLean, Lenna Nepomnyaschy.

Kathryn Burrows. "Normalizers and the Cochlear Implant." Committee: Phaedra Daipha, Allan Horwitz, Ann Mische.

Lisa Campion. "Doing Cancer": Discourse and the Social Construction of the Cancer Identity."Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Deborah Carr, Richard Williams, Joanna Kempner.

Kevin Chamow. "An Actor-Network Approach to the 2007 Financial Crisis." Committee: Jozsef Borocz, Judith Gerson, Thomas Rudel.

Joanne Chen. "The Crowd on Our Side: Discursive Tactics for Engaging Kiva Social Lenders." Committee: Paul McLean, Zakia Salime, Ann Mische.

Haruki Eda. "Named Subjects, Narrativizing Subjectivities: The Decolonial Politics of Zainichi Korean Naming." Committee: Judith Gerson, Zakia Salime, Ann Mische.

Julia Flagg. "Aiming For Zero: Under What Conditions Do States Make Carbon Neutral Pledges?" Committee: Thomas K. Rudel, Steven Brechin, Norah MacKendrick.

Tsai-Yen Han. "Egalitarian Gender Belief and High School Curriculum Track in Taiwan: Multisource Perspective of Socialization Agents." Committee: Deborah Carr, Patricia Roos, Sharon Bzostek.

Jorie Hofstra. "Beyond Therapeutic Listening: Attentive Flexibility in Emotional Support." Committee: Paul McLean, Allan Horwitz, Ann Mische.

Jorie Hofstra. "Narrating the Neurally-Disrupted Self: Brain, Self, and Society in the Attribution of Dysregulated Anger." Committee: Allan Horwitz, Eviatar Zerubavel, Judith Gerson.

Hwa-Yen Huang. "Seeing Through Darkness: The Social Construction of Crisis Experience As Epistemic Leverage." Committee: Judith Gerson, Eviatar Zerubavel, Richard Williams.

Ying-Chao Kao. "Belief, Behavior, and Belonging: How Religious Involvement Differently Influences Attitudes Toward Homosexuality in 40 Countries." Committee: Lauren J. Krivo, Arlene Stein, Julie Phillips.

Ying-Chao Kao. "Kinky Assemblage: Legitimizing Taiwanese BDSM Sexuality." Committee:  Arlene Stein, Judy Gerson, Richard Williams.

Brandon Kramer. "The Critical Neuroscience of Media-Multitasking." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Phaedra Daipha, Hana Shepard.

Teja Pristavec. "Unintended Consequences of Nutritional Assistance Programs: Children's School Meal Program Participation and Adults' Food Security." Committee: Norah MacKendrick, Sharon Bzostek, Thomas Rudel.

Alicia Raia. "Sanction Avoidance Strategies and Norm Reinforcement." Committee: Patrick Carr, Deborah Carr, Paul Hirschfield.

Lilia Raileanu. "Why Don't You Know When My Power Will Be Back?: Organizational Communication of Indeterminate Temporality." Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Deborah Carr, Patrick Carr.

Lindsay Stevens. "Interrogating 'Planned Parenthood': Reproductive Health Care Providers' Perceptions of Family Planning." Committee: Joanna Kempner, Catherine Lee, Deborah Carr.

Nil Uzun. "Representing 'Middle East Women': A Critical Analysis of The Fertile Crescent Project." Committee: Zakia Salime, Judith Gerson, Jozsef Borocz.


Analena Bruce. “Labor of Love: Livelihood Strategies in Sustainable Farming.” Committee: Patricia Roos, Norah MacKendrick, Thomas Rudel.

Andrea Catone. "Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma: A Socio-Epigenic Perspective." Committee: Kristen Springer, Karen Cerulo, Eviatar Zerubavel.

Laurie Cohen. "A Cross Sectional Analysis of the At-Risk Factors Associated With High School Graduation Outcomes: A Case Study of Newark Public Schools 2007-2008 Graduation Cohort." Committee: Deborah Carr, Julie Phillips, Kristen Springer.

Aghil Daghagheleh. " Voting and Nonvoting as Political Strategy." Committee: Sharon Bzostek, Ann Mische, Zakia Salime.

Christene DeJong. “Reconfiguring and Reimagining Boundaries of ‘The State’ in Contemporary Venezuela.” Committee: Zakia Salime, Ethel Brooks, Ann Mische.

Julia Flagg. "Toxic Relationships After Disasters: The Case of Hurricane Katrina." Committee: Lee Clarke, Lauren Krivo, Sharon Bzostek.

Victoria Gonzalez. "Crowd Size in Political Rallies." Committee: Karen Cerulo, Richard Williams, Ann Mische.

Hsin-Hui Hsu. "Gender Differences in Burnout Levels Among the Working Population in the United States." Committee: Julie Phillips, Lauren Krivo, Sarah Rosenfield.

Hwa-Yen Huang. “The Narrative Management of Projective Ambiguity: The Narrative Detour in Taiwanese Folk Healers' Illness Narratives.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Joanna Kempner, Ann Mische.

Kelly Kato. “Investigating the Double Paradox in Mental Health Among Mexican Americans." Committee: Sharon Bzostek, Sarah Rosenfield, Julie Phillips, Peter J. Guarnaccia.

Elizabeth Luth. "Time Perspective and End of Life Planning in Older Adults." Committee: Deborah Carr, Sharon Bzostek, Ann Mische.

Alexis Merdjanoff. “Anti-Growth in the Big Apple: Why One Community Rejected the ‘American Dream’.” Committee: Lauren Krivo, Lee Clarke, Zaire Dinzey-Flores.

Lauren Murphy. " Socioeconomic Disparities in Sleep: Investigating the Effect of Perceived Neighborhood Quality." Committee: Deborah Carr, Lauren Krivo, Sharon Bzostek.

Alicia Raia-Hawrylak. “Youth Experiences of Space in a Gentrifying Community: A Case Study of Asbury Park, NJ.” Committee: Lauren Krivo, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Judith Friedman.

Theresa Simpson. "The Relationship between Birth-Timing and Perceived Personal Control among Recent First-Time Mothers." Committee: Julie Phillips, Sharon Bzostek, Lauren Krivo.

Anjali Srivastava. “The Motherhood Wage Gap for U.S. First Generation Immigrant and Native Women.” Committee: Patricia Roos, William Rodgers, Kristen Springer.

Katherine Thurman. “Athletic Participation and Grade Point Average (GPA): Assessing the Effects of Social Integration.” Committee: Deborah Carr, Lee Clarke, Julie Phillips.


Crystal Bedley. “Monoracial and Multiracial Attitudes Towards Racial Inequality.” Committee: Patricia Roos, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Catherine Lee.

Christopher Jackson. “Institutional Review Board Reviewer Dynamics: A Division of Labor Compromised.” Committee: Deborah Carr, Phaedra Daipha, Ann Mische.

Eric Kushins. “Mental Imagery on the Base of Voice.” Committee: Karen Cerulo, Deborah Carr, Benjamin Zablocki.

Eric Kushins. “Corporate and Family Business Executives: Matching Business Deals To Interorganizational Relationships.” Committee: Paul McLean, Lee Clarke, Phaedra Daipha.

Etienne Meunier. “From Anonymity To Community: Collective Sexualities in the 21st Century.” Committee: Arlene Stein, Judith Gerson, Richard Williams.

Ghassan Moussawi. “Claiming Rights, Situating Struggles: An Analysis of Local and Global Collective Identity Deployment, and Intersectionality in LGBTQ Activism in Beirut.” Committee: Ann Mische, Judith Gerson, Arlene Stein, Richard Williams.

Lilia Raileanu. “Indeterminate Waiting.” Committee: Ira Cohen, Richard Williams, Eviatar Zerubavel.

Theresa Simpson. "Parents' Valuation of Children's Achievement in Organized Activities and Academics: Do Race and Class Matter?" Committee: Deborah Carr, Kristen Springer, Patricia Roos.

Eunkyung Song.  “Collective Information Across Digital and Physical Space: How Does Online Communication Facilitate Popular Protest?” Committee: Arlene Stein, Paul McLean, Ann Mische.

Hsin-Yi Yeh. “Producing A Chinese Nationality:  Analyzing the Observance of National Celebration Day in Taiwan from 1949 through 1987.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Paul McLean, Ann Mische.


Andrea (Mueller) Catone. ”Future-Oriented Remembering.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Judith Gerson, Ann Mische, Arlene Stein.

Shruti Devgan. “Sacred Cyberspaces: Virtual Commemoration and 1984 Anti Sikh Violence.” Committee: Arlene Stein, Ethel Brooks, Robyn Rodriguez.

Monica Herrera.  “Combating Controversy: A Comparison of Organizational Responses to Failure.” Committee: Karen Cerulo, Paul Hirschfield, Richard Williams.

Shatima Jones. “A Quantitative Measure of Black and White Differences in the Perception of Community.” Committee: Patricia Roos, Deborah Carr, Zaire Dinzey-Flores.

Chioun Lee. “The Effects of Childhood Maltreatment on Serious Injuries and Premature Death in Young Adulthood: An Examination of Mediating Effects.” Committee: Helene White, Allan Horwitz, Kristen Springer.

Etienne Meunier. “Collective Intimacies: Social-Sexual Practices in A NYC Private Gay Sex Party.” Committee: Joanna Kempner, Robyn Rodriguez, Arlene Stein.

Ghassan Moussawi. “Queering the "Paris of the Middle East": Liminality, Narratives of Progress, and the Essentialized Masculinities in Contemporary Gay Travelogues.” Committee: Arlene Stein, Ann Mische, Zakia Salime.

Hsin-Yi Yeh. “‘Voice’ with Every Bite: Dietary Identity and Differential Boundary Work of Vegetarians.” Committee: Richard Williams, Catherine Lee, Eviatar Zerubavel.

Hakim Zainiddinov. “The Power of Color: What Factors Account for Black-White Differences in Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the Contemporary United States?” Committee: Deborah Carr, Julie Phillips, D. Randall Smith.


Analena Bruce.  “The Troubled Legacy of Agrarian Reform:  Small Coffee Farmers and Foundations of the Fair Trade Cooperative System.”  Committee: Thomas Rudel, Ann Mische, Zakia Salime.

Shruti Devgan. “Embodied Identity: Degrees of Donning Religion Among Sikhs.” Committee: Benjamin Zablocki, Eviatar Zerubavel.

Jeff Dowd. “Racial Events, Media, and Public Discourse on Racism: The Don Imus Case.” Committee: Catherine Lee, Karen Cerulo, D.Randall Smith.

Chioun Lee. “Is the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression (CES-D) a Valid Scale for Measuring African American Depressive Symptoms? A Comparison Between Whites and African American Young Women.” Committee: Kristen Springer, Deborah Carr, Sarah Rosenfield.

Alexis Merdjanoff.  “There's No Place Like Home: Examining the Emotional Consequences of Hurricane Katrina.” Committee: Lee Clarke, Patricia Roos, Kristen Springer.

Eiko Saeki.  “Democracy and Troubled Autonomy: Sectarian Politics and Civil Society in Japan.” Committee: Ann Mische, Ethel Brooks, Zakia Salime.

Eiko Saeki.  “Selection, Modification, and Application: Incorporation of Western Knowledge in Japanese Obstetrics from the Late Tokugawa to the Beginning of Meiji.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Karen Cerulo, Joanna Kempner.

Vikash Singh. “Customary Ethics of Contemporary Religious Practice: Figures in an Indian Pilgrimage.” Committee: Robyn Rodriguez, Jozsef Borocz.

Kirsten Younghee Song. “Mourning for a National Monument: News Representation of the Loss of the Korea National Treasure Number 1.” Committee: Arlene Stein, Karen Cerulo, Judith Gerson.

Kirsten Younghee Song. “Reconceptualizing Transnational Migration with a Temporallity Lens: Korean Youth' Border-Crossing Practices in the U.S.” Committee: Robyn Rodriguez, Ethel Brooks, Phaedra Daipha.

Jessica Streeter. “Black-White Differences in Parental-Reported ADHD Diagnosis: Unmet Need, or Unconscious Decision-Making Process?” Committee: Allan Horwitz, Patricia Roos, Sarah Rosenfield.

Andrew Stroffolino.  “Unplanned Obsolescence?: Academic research and the love of the new.” Committee: Paul McLean, Phaedra Daipha, D. Randall Smith.

Jason Torkelson. “Queering Emerging Adulthood: Bringing Sexuality into the Transition to Adulthood.” Committee: Arlene Stein, Patrick Carr, Sarah Rosenfield.

Farah Vallera. “The Five Ws of Distortion in Billboard Advertising Campaigns.” Committee: Karen Cerulo, Susan Keith, Richard Williams.

Hakim Zainiddinov. “The Changing Relationship of the Secularized State To Religion in Tajikistan.” Committee: Thomas Rudel, Richard Williams, Zakia Salime.

Previous Qualifying Papers