Getting Into Courses

Why are my attempts at registering not working?

A: Unfortunately, the most likely answer is because the course is full.  If you are sure there are still seats in the class, then do you have the necessary prerequisites for the class? 

In Sociology, any course numbered 300 to 314 requires Introduction to Sociology (920:101) as a prerequisite.  For courses numbered 315 to 399, you need any one of Research Methods (920:311), Computer Analysis (920:312), Development of Theory (920:313) or Contemporary Theory (920:314).  For a 400-level Sociology course, the prerequisite is any two of the 311-314 group.

I have the prerequisites for a course, but still can't get in. What is the problem? 

A: Do you have the right index number?  Check again to make sure.  A lot of problems arise from simply trying to use an incorrect index number.

I took the prerequisite course(s) at another school and the computer does not recognize them.  How do I register for courses?

A: Contact the department for a Prerequisite Override Slip.  This won't guarantee you'll get into the course you'd like, but it will tell the computer that you've met the prerequisite for a course.  Make sure you bring evidence that you've had the prerequisite course(s).  A transcript will do fine for that purpose.  Once you get the override slip, you will have to register in person.

It says in the catalog that other lower-level Sociology courses can be used as a substitute for the Introduction to Sociology prerequisite.  Is this true?

A:  Yes.  But it is up to the instructor of the particular course to accept other courses as meeting the prerequisite.  Contact the instructor for permission to use other courses to meet a prerequisite and bring a note from him/her to the Sociology main office to get an override slip.

Does the department give out special permission?

A: It is department policy that special permission can only be given by the instructor of the course.  Special permission numbers are therefore not available in the main department office.