Major in Sociology

Major Requirements Checklist

The major in sociology consists of eleven courses totaling 36 credits.

Of these eleven courses, four are core courses and seven are electives. Prior to declaring the major in sociology, students must complete Introduction to Sociology (01:920:101) and at least one of the 4 credit courses (01:920:311,312, 313 or 314). Only courses with a C grade or better may be counted toward the major.

Major Requirements: 11 Total Courses:

4 Core courses

    01:920:101 Introduction to Sociology (3)
    3 of the following 4 credit courses
    01:920:311 Introduction to Social Research (4)
    01:920:312 Introduction to Statistics in Sociology  (4)
    01:920:313 Development of Sociological Theory (4)
    01:920:314 Contemporary Sociological Theories (4)

7 Sociology Elective courses

    3 courses - any level
    1 course – 300-level or higher
    2 courses - numbered 315 or higher
    1 course – 400-level

No more than 6 credits of Independent Study (01:920:,493, 494, 495, 496) and no more than 3 credits of Citizenship and Service Education (01:920:399) may be applied toward the major.

Transfer Students
Students majoring in Sociology must complete at least six courses (21 credits) at Rutgers-New Brunswick.  The required 400-level course must be completed in New Brunswick and it is highly recommended that the required Research and Theory courses also be taken in New Brunswick.

Course Prerequisites
Many courses have prerequisites. The fundamental prerequisite for all courses at the 300-level, numbered 311 or higher, is 01:920:101. That means that 01:920:101 is required for pursuing a major or minor in Sociology, or for pursuing the Criminology minor or the new Health and Society minor, However, any other 920 course at the 100 or 200 level may be used in lieu of Introduction to Sociology as a prerequisite for 920:303, 920:304, 920:306, and 920:307 only, provided the student has the permission of the instructor. The prerequisite for courses numbered between 315 and 399 is any one of 01:920:311, 312, 313, or 314. For courses numbered 400 or higher, the prerequisite is any two of 01:920:311, 312, 313, and 314.