Sociology Minor

The minor in sociology consists of at least six courses totaling 19 credits.

Of these six courses, two are core courses and four are electives. Only courses with a C grade or better may be counted toward the minor.

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Criminology Minor

Course work in criminology, criminal justice, deviant behavior, abnormal psychology, and the legal system is offered across a number of departments at Rutgers. The Criminology Minor, administered by the Sociology department, links a number of those areas into a single program of study. Currently, the minor requires completion of eight courses (24 credits), as noted below.

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Health & Society Minor

The Health and Society minor (program code 502) provides students with an excellent opportunity to study questions of physical and mental health, health behaviors and practices, and health care institutions, in an integrated way—primarily through a social and cultural lens, and spanning both national and global contexts. Health care providers and policy makers increasingly recognize that a full understanding of topics such as social inequalities in health, doctor-patient interaction dynamics, cultural influences on health behaviors, medical decision-making practices, and biological versus social explanations for mental and physical health conditions, is an essential component of a well-rounded education for future health care professionals.

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