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  • Marlor, Chantelle. 2009. "Ways of Knowing: Epistemology, Ontology, and Community Among Ecologists, Biologists and First Nations Clam Diggers." (John Levi Martin, Chair; Eviatar Zerubavel; Thomas Rudel). Asst. Prof., University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Department of Social, Cultural and Media Studies.
  • Lang, John. 2007. "Acceptable Trust? The Public Perception of Organizations Involved in Genetically Modified Food." (Lee Clarke, Chair; Paul McLean; Patricia Roos). Asst. Prof., Occidental College, Department of Sociology.
  • MacLennan, Jamie. 2005. "Solitude and Sociability: The Social World of Long Distance Hikers on the Appalachian Trail, (Thomas Rudel, Co-Chair; D. Randall Smith, Co-Chair; Deborah Carr). Asst. Prof., Georgia Southwestern State University, Department of Sociology."
  • Perez-Lugo, Marla. 2003. "Vulnerability to Natural Disasters and the Mass Media, (Rudel, O’Neill, Cerulo). Assoc. Prof., U of Puerto Rico/Mayaguez, Department of Sociology."
  • Bates, Diane. 2000. "Environmental Refugees? Colonist Migration from the Ecuadorian Amazon, (Rudel, Roos, Friedman). Assoc. Prof., The College of New Jersey, Department of Sociology and Anthropology."

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Undergraduate Program

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March for Our Lives rally, Newark, NJ, March 24, 2018

Graduate Program


New RU Sociology Ph.D.s and their Advisors, May 2018

Diversity and Inclusion

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Outdoor Mural, Hale St., New Brunswick, NJ