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Karen Danna-Lynch. “The Chameleon Factor: The Mental Management of Multiple Roles (and What it Reveals About the Organization of Culture).” Committee: Karen Cerulo (chair), Allan Horwitz, Sarah Rosenfield, Eviatar Zerubavel. (Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Lafayette College)

Thomas DeGloma. “Awakenings: Autobiography, Memory, and the Social Logic of Personal Discovery.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Allan Horwitz, Ann Mische, Arlene Stein. (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Hunter College)

Fichter, Stephen J. “Shepherding in ‘Greener’ Pastures: Causes and Consequences of the Dual Transition of Celibate Catholic Priests into Married Protestant Ministry.” Committee: Ellen Idler (chair), Benjamin Zablocki, Eviatar Zerubavel. (Research Associate in Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, Georgetown University)

Chantelle Marlor. “Ways of Knowing: Epistemology, Ontology, and Community Among Ecologists, Biologists and First Nations Clam Diggers.” Committee: John Levi Martin (chair), Thomas Rudel, Eviatar Zerubavel. (Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia)

Baris Mucen. “Doxa of Modernization: The Sense of Political Reality in Historiographies of the Late Ottoman Empire.” Committee: Ethel Brooks (chair), Jozsef Borocz, Paul McLean. (Instructor of Sociology, Middle East Technical University)


Jenna Howard. “Recovery from Recovery: The Temporal Organization of Identity.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Deborah Carr, Allan Horwitz, Sarah Rosenfield. (Research Analyst, Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

Karen Jaffe. ”Forming Fat Identities.” Committee: Deborah Carr (chair), Allan Horwitz, Eviatar Zerubavel. (Project Leader/Survey Research Associate, Consumers Union)

Dmitry Khodyakov. “Trust and Control in Counterpoint: The Case Study of Conductorless Orchestras.” Committee: Lee Clarke (chair), Deborah Carr, Paul McLean, Patricia Roos. (Associate Social/Behavioral Scientist, The RAND Corporation)


Roksana Rahman Badruddoja. “The ABCD Conundrum: What Does It Mean To Be A South Asian-American Woman?” Committee: Ethel Brooks (chair), Richard Williams, Eviatar Zerubavel. (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Manhattan College)

John T. Lang. “Acceptable Trust? The Public Perception of Organizations Involved in Genetically Modified Food.” Committee: Lee Clarke (chair), Paul McLean, Patricia Roos. (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Occidental College)

Vanina Leschziner. “Recipes for Success: Culinary Styles, Professional Careers, and Institutional Patterns in the Field of High Cuisine.” Committee: Karen Cerulo (chair), John Levi Martin, Paul McLean, Ann Mische. (Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto)

King-To Yeung. “Suppressing Rebels, Managing Bureaucrats: State Building During the Taiping Rebellion, 1850-1864.” Committee: John Levi Martin (chair), Lee Clarke, Paul McLean, Ann Mische. (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Princeton University)


Mahasti Hashemi. “Immigrants and Exiles: Iranian Women in the United States.” Committee: Martin Oppenheimer (chair), Ethel Brooks, Karen Cerulo. (Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education, Honors Program, Rutgers University)

Ruth Simpson. “The Germ Culture: Modernity, Metaphor, and Epidemic Disease.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Jozsef Borocz, Ira Cohen, Allan Horwitz, Richard Williams.

Stacey Sutton. “Contested Spaces and Countervailing Practices: Inner-City Revitalization and the Agency of Neighborhood Entrepreneurs.” Committee: Susan Faenstein (chair), Norman Glickman, Richard Williams. (Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Columbia University)

Kevin Keogan. “Policing the Boundaries Between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’: Immigrants, Narrative Identity, and the Politics of Inclusion/Exclusion.” Committee: Karen Cerulo (chair), Ann Mische, Thomas Rudel. (Instructor of Sociology, Montclair State University)


Courtney Bangert Jackson. “Attending Birth: Interprofessional Competition Between Midwives and Physicians.” Committee: Patricia Roos (chair), Judith Gerson, Sarah Rosenfield, D. Randall Smith. (Associate Director, Office of Institutional Research, Northeastern University) 

Eric C. Kaldor. “Advancing Corporate Capitalism in Hungary.” Committee: Jozsef Borocz (chair), Lee Clarke, Paul McLean, Patricia Roos. (Assistant Professor of Sociology, The College at Brockport, City University of New York)

J. Anna Looney. “New Perspectives in Past Commitments: Midlife Reflections on Cult Experience in Young Adulthood.” Committee: Benjamin Zablocki (chair), Deborah Carr, John Levi Martin, Sarah Rosenfield. (Assistant Professor, Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

Jamie MacLennan. “Solitude and Sociability: The Social World of Long Distance Hikers on the Appalacian Trail.” Committee: Thomas Rudel (co-chair), D. Randall Smith (co-chair), Deborah Carr. (Associate Professor of Sociology, Georgia Southwestern University)

Takiko Mori-Saunders. “Media Discourse for Konenki and Konenki Women in Japan: Between Docile Body and Silent Resistance.” Committee: Ellen Idler (chair), Ethel Brooks, Judith Friedman. (Associate Professor of Sociology, Montgomery College)

Keumjae Park. “In Our Different Names: Korean Immigrant Women and the Challenges of Post-Migration Identity Renegotiation.” Committee: Karen Cerulo (chair), Vilna Bashi, Richard Williams. (Associate Professor of Sociology, William Paterson University)

Elaine M. Replogle. “Intergenerational Conflict, Identity and Mental Health Among Second Generation South Asian Americans.” Committee: Sarah Rosenfield (chair), Ethel Brooks, Allan Horwitz. (Instructor of Sociology, University of Oregon)

Ian Watson. “Cognitive Design: Creating the Sets of Categories and Labels That Structure Our Shared Experience.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel (chair), Allan Horwitz, Paul McLean. (Assistant Professor of Social Science Bifröst University, Iceland)

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