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Andrea Barra.  “Romance Novels in the Twenty-First Century.” Committee: Karen Cerulo, Arlene Stein.

Susan Bodnar-Deren. “Perceiving the Self as a Burden and the Likelihood of End-of-Life Planning.” Committee: Ellen Idler Deborah Carr.

Kathryn Burrows. “Age Difference in Gay American Partnerships: A Test of Sociobiological Theories.” Committee: Richard Williams, Deborah Carr, Sarah Rosenfield.

Neha Gondal. “With(out) a Little Help from my Siblings: A Cross-National Investigation of the Relationship between Personal Networks and Sibsize.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Deborah Carr, Ann Mische, Thomas Rudel.

Shatima Jones. “Expressions of Relatedness:  Everyday Talk and Interactions in the Barbershop.” Committee: Ann Mische, Patrick Carr, Ethel Brooks.

Oh-Jung Kwon. “The Logic of Social Policy Expansion in a Neoliberal Context:  Health Insurance Reform in Korea after the 1997 Economic Crisis.” Committee: Thomas Rudel, Catherine Lee, Paul McLean.

Yu-Sheng Lin.  “From Difference to Consensus:  The Keyings and Rekeyings in Public Deliberation.” Committee: Ann Mische, Paul McLean.

Yu-Sheng Lin.  “The Wax and Wane of the Reds:  Leadership and Dilemma-Solving in Social Movements.” Committee: Ann Mische, Catherine Lee.

Wenbo Lu. “World System Incorporation:  The East Asia Revlation.” Committee: Jozsef Borocz, Robyn Rodriguez.

Maria Malyk. “Are You Positive You are Saying Something Positive?  Exploring TONE in Mixed Messages.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubave, Ira Cohen.

Brian McCormick. “Testing Compulsory Hetero-Eroticism: Father's Education and Religious Upbringing as Predictors of Erotic Preference for Gender in National U.S. Probability Sample.” Committee: Kristen Springer, Deborah Carr.

Dawne Mouzon.  “Do The Mental Health Benefits of Marriage Vary by Race and Gender?” Committee: Ellen Idler, Deborah Carr, Sarah Rosenfield.

Colleen Nugent.  “When You Procreate, Don't Hypenate:  Accounting for the Predominance of Fathers' Surnames for Children.” Committee: Deborah Carr, Patricia Roos, Kristen Springer.

Monique Porow. “An Exploration of the Influence of Household Structure on the Adoption of a Racial Identity Amongst Biracial Individuals.” Committee: Richard Williams, Karen Cerulo.

Greg Rubin.  “Alternative Narratives of 9/11.” Committee: Ira Cohen, Catherine Lee.

Vikash Singh. “Contentious Subjects of Globalization:  Narratives in a North Indian Pilgrimage.” Committee: Arlene Stein, Richard William, Benjamin Zablocki.

Alena Singleton.  “The Effects of Race on Self-Rated Weight.” Committee: Deborah Carr, Ellen Idler.


Andrea Barra. “Social Service Programs and Congregational Ideology: Characteristics of Congregations That Volunteer.” Committee: Ellen Idler, Patricia Roos.

Susan Bodnar-Deren. “The Effect of Formal Support on the Positive Psychological Aspects of Caregiving Among Older Caregivers of Individuals with Dementia.” Committee: Deborah Carr, Ellen Idler.

Lisa Campion. “Private Values, Public Choices: Searching for a Culture War in the 1996 U.S. Presidential Elections.” Committee: Patricia Roos, Arlene Stein.

Laurie Cohen.  “The Effect of Sibship Size on Self-Acceptance:  Is More Better?” Committee: Deborah Carr, Kristen Springer.

Audrey Devine-Eller. “Does Income Predict Participation in College Test Prep?” Committee: Patricia Roos, Sarah Rosenfield.

Rachelle Germana. “Beyond Grammar:  Towards a Sociological Profile of the Hyphen.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Richard Williams.

Neha Gondal. “Knowledge Space as a Partially Self-Organizing System: An Illustration from Literature on EPZs in Asia.” Committee: Paul McLean, Ethel Brooks, Phaedra Daipha.

Daina Harvey.  “A Space for Culture.” Committee: Karen Cerulo, Eviatar Zerubavel.

Jennifer Hemler.  “Problems in Everyday Living:  "Compulsive Buying" as a Response to Existential, Ideological, and Experimental Strains.” Committee: Karen Cerulo, Judith Friedman.

Oh-Jung Kwon.  “Race, Gender and Perceived Health Risk:  ‘The White Male Effect’ in Perceived Heart Risk.” Committee: Deborah Carr, Kristen Springer.

Janet Lorenzen. “Consuming the Future:  Imagining Ideal Lifestyles.” Committee: Paul McLean, Karen Cerulo.

Bijita Majumdar. “(Re)Mapping Contention at Globalized Localities:  Bt Cotton in India.” Committee: Ethel Brooks, Ann Mische.

Benyamin Nuriely.  “Strangers in a National Space: Arab-Jews, Palestinians and the City of Lod, 1948-59.” Committee: Robyn Rodriguez, Jozsef Borocz, Ethel Brooks.

Nnenna Okeke. “Reconsidering the Role of Agency in the Leadership of Nigeria's Independence Movement, 1920-1953.” Committee: Jozsef Borocz, Ethel Brooks.

David Peterson.  “The Ivy and the Trellis:  Socialization and the Aggregation of Schemata.” Committee: Ira Cohen, Karen Cerulo, Benjamin Zablocki.

John Rand.  “Hidden Insecurities in the Workplace:  Unintended Consequences of Workplace Regulation.” Committee: Patricia Roos, Paul McLean.

Karen Stein. “Getting Away From it All:  Vacations and the Organization of Modern Identity.” Committee: Eviatar Zerubavel, Richard Williams.

Jason Torkelson.  “What About Life After Subculture:  Rethinking Approaches to Subculture With the Narrative Accounts of Former Straightedge Adherents.” Committee: Patrick Carr, Karen Cerulo.

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