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Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: "Life After Subculture."

Dissertation Committee: Patrick Carr (Chair), Karen Cerulo, Arlene Stein

Areas of Interest: Race & Ethnicity, Youth & Youth Culture, Sexuality & Gender, Deviance, Social Theory, Cultural Studies


Torkelson, Jason. (2015) "Seeing (Transitions to) Adulthood in Youth (Sub)Cultural Studies through the Eyes of Former Straightedge Adherents" Symbolic Interaction DOI: 10.1002/symb.161

Torkelson, Jason. 2012. "A Queer Vision of Emerging Adulthood: Seeing Sexuality in the Transition to Adulthood" Sexuality Research and Social Policy 9 (2): 132-142

Torkelson, Jason. 2010. "Life after (Straightedge) Subculture" Qualitative Sociology 33 (3): 257-274

Torkelson, Jason; Hartmann, Douglas. 2010. "White Ethnicity in the 21st Century: Findings from a New National Survey" Ethnic and Racial Studies 33 (8): 1310-1331

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