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In Progress

  • Angel Butts. “The Tradition-Innovation Dilemma: Authenticity, Transformation, and the Subcultural Economy of Goth.”  (Arlene Stein, Chair; Patrick Carr; Paul McLean)
  • Etienne Meunier. "Organizing Collective Sex: Sexuality and Intimacy in the Community." (Arlene Stein, Chair; Joanna Kempner; Richard Williams)
  • Eiko Saeki. "The Conceptualizations of the Beginning of Life in Japan: Technology, Reproduction and the Boundary of Personhood." (Eviatar Zerubavel, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; Joanna Kempner; Phaedra Daipha)
  • Eunkyung Song. "Power from the Fingertips: How to Write and Work together in Digital Media in Korea." (Paul McLean, Chair; Richard Williams; Judith Gerson)
  • Jason Torkelson. "Life after Subculture." (Patrick Carr, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo, Arlene Stein)
  • Hakim Zainiddinov. "Internal and External Reactions Leading to the Social Construction of a Homogenous Muslim Identity as Terrorist." (Richard Williams, Chair; Lauren J. Krivo; Lee Clarke)


  • Shruti Devgan., "Re-presenting Pasts: Sikh Diasporic and Digital Memories of 1984." (Arlene Stein, Chair; Ethel Brooks; Zakia Salime)
  • Jennifer Hemler. “Conceptualizing Cancer: Breast Cancer Survivorship and the New Normal.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Chair; Deborah Carr; Allan Horwitz)
  • Kirsten Younghee Song. "Play in the Big World?: Time, Space, and Identity among Young Korean Transnational Migrants in the U.S." (Arlene Stein, Chair; Judy Gerson; Ann Mische; Phaedra Daipha)


  • Andrea Barra. "Beyond the Bodice Ripper: Innovation and Change in the Romance Novel Industry." (Karen A. Cerulo, Chair; Patrick Carr; Arlene Stein, Katherine Walker)
  • Jeffrey K. Dowd. "'Racism' and the Political Blogosphere." (Paul McLean, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; Ann Mische)
  • Yu-Sheng Lin. “Every Decision You Make Matters: Dilemma-Solving and the Life Course of Social Movements.”  (Ann Mische, Chair; Lee Clarke; Catherine Lee; Paul McLean)
  • Janet Lorenzen. "Going Green: Resisting Consumption in Contemporary America." (Paul McLean, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; Phaedra Daipha; Thomas Rudel)
  • Bijita Majumdar. “Imperial Connections, Difference, and Identity: Indians in South Africa, 1880 to 1920.”  (Ethel Brooks, Chair; Jozsef Borocz; Paul McLean; Robyn Rodriguez)
  • Maria V. Malyk. “Condescending Compliments and Backhanded Euphemisms: Exploring Social, Semiotic and Cognitive Dimensions of Cryptosemic Interaction.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Chair; Ira Cohen; David Gibson; Paul McLean; Sarah Rosenfield)
  • Monique Porow. "A Comparative Study of Familiar Racial Socialization and It's Impact On The Racial Identity Development of Black/White Biracial Siblings.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Chair; David Brunsma; Lauren Krivo; Arlene Stein)
  • Vikash Singh. "Contentious Globalization: Performance, Religion, and Morality in a Popular Movement." (Arlene Stein, Chair; József Böröcz; Karen A. Cerulo; Lynn Chancer; Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi; Arvind Rajagopal)
  • Hsin-Yi Yeh. "National Identity, Collective Memory, and Mnemonic Engineering: Producing A Chinese Nationality from 1949 through 1987." (Eviatar Zerubavel, Chair; Paul McLean; Ann Mische; Yael Zerubavel)


  • Neha Gondal. “Less Institutionalized Social Structures: A Theoretical, Methodological, and Empirical Analysis of How Networks and Culture Matter for Emergence.”  (Paul McLean, Chair; Ronald Brieger; Deborah Carr; Ann Mische; Eviatar Zerubavel)
  • Daina Cheyenne Harvey. “If This Thing Had Never Happened: Moving On from Hurricane Katrina.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Chair; Javier Auyero; Patrick Carr; Ann Mische; Arlene Stein)
  • Maria Islas. “The Future in the Present:  Projectivity in a Transnational Migrant Community.” (Ann Mische, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; Alyshia Galvez; Hana Shepherd)
  • Tracie Witte. "Battling Moralities: Competing for Medical Marijuana Legislation" (Karen A. Cerulo, Chair; Allan Horwitz; Kathryn Kloby; Julie Phillips)


  • Audrey Devine-Eller. "Post-secondary planning paradoxes: how regular kids prepare for the future in the college-for-all era." (Patrick Carr, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; Jennifer Jennings; Arlene Stein)
  • Rachelle Germana. " Hyphenation and Its Discontents: Hyphenators, Hyphen-Haters, and the Cultural Politics of Ambiguity." (Eviatar Zerubavel, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; Ira Cohen; Robin Wagner-Pacifici; Richard Williams)
  • Karen Stein. " Getting Away From It All: Constructing Identity on Vacation." (Eviatar Zerubavel, Chair; Deborah Carr; Karen A. Cerulo; Christina Nippert-Eng; Richard Williams)
  • Elizabeth Williamson. "Fostering Flexibility: Emotions, Power, and Framing Processes in a Socio-Religious Movement" (Benjamin Zablocki, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; John Levi Martin; Ann Mische)


  • Ivana Brown.  “A Sociological Analysis of Maternal Ambivalence: Class and Race Differences Among New Mothers” (Judith Gerson, Chair; Deborah Carr; Sarah Rosenfield; Kristen Springer; Andrea O'Reilly)
  • Frederick O. Rasmussen. “Cultural Definitions of Emotional Problems: Impact on Problem Experience, Care Seeking, Sources of Car, and Satisfaction with Care Among Latino Community Members Living in the United States” (Allan Horwitz, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; Peter Guarnaccia; Stephen Hansell)
  • Dena T. Smith. “Meaning-Making in a Medical World: The Art of Talk Therapy, the Science of the Biological Model and The Boundaries In Between.” (Deborah Carr, Chair; Patrick Carr; Lynn Chancer; Phaedra Daipha; Allan Horwitz)


  • Asia Friedman. “Blind to Sameness: The Socio-Optical Construction of Male and Female Bodies” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Chair; Karen A. Cerulo; Judith Gerson; Arlene Stein)

Previous Dissertations in Culture and Cognition

Qualifying Papers


  • Kathryn Burrows. "Normalizers and the Cochlear Implant." (Phaedra Daipha, Allan Horwitz, Ann Mische)
  • Joanne Chen. "The Crowd on Our Side: Discursive Tactics for Engaging Kiva Social Lenders." (Paul McLean, Zakia Salime, and Ann Mische)
  • Hwa-Yen Huang. "Seeing Through Darkness: The Social Construction of Crisis Experience As Epistemic Leverage." (Judith Gerson, Eviatar Zerubavel, Richard Williams)
  • Ying-Chao Kao. "Belief, Behavior, and Belonging: How Religious Involvement Differently Influences Attitudes Toward Homosexuality in 40 Countries." (Lauren J. Krivo, Arlene Stein, Julie Phillips)
  • Lilia Raileanu. "Why Don't You Know When My Power Will Be Back?: Organizational Communication of Indeterminate Temporality." (Eviatar Zerubavel, Deborah Carr, Patrick Carr)


  •  Andrea Catone. "Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma: A Socio-Epigenic Perspective." (Kristen Springer, Karen Cerulo, Eviatar Zerubavel)
  • Christene DeJong. "Reconfiguring and Reimagining Boundaries of 'The State' in Contemporary Venezuela." (Zakia Salime, Ethel Brooks, Ann Mische)
  • Victoria Gonzalez. "Crowd Size in Political Rallies." (Karen Cerulo, Richard Williams, Ann Mische)
  • Hwa-Yen Huang. "The Narrative Management of Projective Ambiguity: The Narrative Detour in Taiwanese Folk Healers' Illness Narratives." (Eviatar Zerubavel, Joanna Kempner, Ann Mische)


  • Eric Kushins. "Mental Imagery on the Base of Voice." (Karen Cerulo, Deborah Carr, Benjamin Zablocki)
  • Eric Kushins. "Corporate and Family Business Executives: Matching Business Deals To Interorganizational Relationships." (Paul McLean, Lee Clarke, Phaedra Daipha)
  • Etienne Meunier. "From Anonymity To Community: Collective Sexualities in the 21st Century." (Arlene Stein, Judith Gerson, Richard Williams)
  • Ghassan Moussawi. "Claiming Rights, Situating Struggles: An Analysis of Local and Global Collective Identity Deployment, and Intersectionality in LGBTQ Activism in Beirut." (Ann Mische, Judith Gerson, Arlene Stein, Richard Williams)
  • Lilia Raileanu. "Indeterminate Waiting." (Ira Cohen, Richard Williams, Eviatar Zerubavel)
  • Eunkyung Song. "Collective Information Across Digital and Physical Space: How Does Online Communication Facilitate Popular Protest?" (Arlene Stein, Paul McLean, Ann Mische)
  • Virginia Tangel, "Determinants of Labor Market Outcomes in First-Generation Immigrant Communities" (Paul McLean, Catherine Lee, Ann Mische)


  •  Andrea (Mueller) Catone. "Future-Oriented Remembering." (Eviatar Zerubavel, Judith Gerson, Ann Mische, Arlene Stein)
  • Shruti Devgan. "Sacred Cyberspaces: Virtual Commemoration and 1984 Anti Sikh Violence." (Arlene Stein, Ethel Brooks, Robyn Rodriguez)
  • Monica Herrera. "Combating Controversy: A Comparison of Organizational Responses to Failure." (Karen Cerulo, Paul Hirschfield, Richard Williams)
  • Etienne Meunier. "Collective Intimacies: Social-Sexual Practices in A NYC Private Gay Sex Party." (Joanna Kempner, Robyn Rodriguez, Arlene Stein)
  • Ghassan Moussawi. "Queering the "Paris of the Middle East": Liminality, Narratives of Progress, and the Essentialized Masculinities in Contemporary Gay Travelogues." (Arlene Stein, Ann Mische, Zakia Salime)
  • Hsin-Yi Yeh. "'Voice' with Every Bite: Dietary Identity and Differential Boundary Work of Vegetarians." (Richard Williams, Catherine Lee, Eviatar Zerubavel)


  • Shruti Devgan. "Embodied Identity: Degrees of Donning Religion Among Sikhs." (Benjamin Zablocki, Eviatar Zerubavel)
  • Jeff Dowd. "Racial Events, Media, and Public Discourse on Racism: The Don Imus Case." (Catherine Lee, Karen Cerulo, D.Randall Smith)
  • Eiko Saeki. "Selection, Modification, and Application: Incorporation of Western Knowledge in Japanese Obstetrics from the Late Tokugawa to the Beginning of Meiji." (Eviatar Zerubavel, Karen Cerulo, Joanna Kempner)
  • Vikash Singh. "Customary Ethics of Contemporary Religious Practice: Figures in an Indian Pilgrimage." (Robyn Rodriguez, Jozsef Borocz)
  • Kirsten Younghee Song. "Mourning for a National Monument: News Representation of the Loss of the Korea National Treasure Number 1." (Arlene Stein, Karen Cerulo, Judith Gerson)
  • Kirsten Younghee Song. "Reconceptualizing Transnational Migration with a Temporallity Lens: Korean Youth' Border-Crossing Practices in the U.S." (Robyn Rodriguez, Ethel Brooks, Phaedra Daipha)
  • Andrew Stroffolino. "Unplanned Obsolescence?: Academic research and the love of the new." (Paul McLean, Phaedra Daipha, D. Randall Smith)
  • Jason Torkelson. "Queering Emerging Adulthood: Bringing Sexuality into the Transition to Adulthood." (Arlene Stein, Patrick Carr, Sarah Rosenfield)
  • Farah Vallera. "The Five Ws of Distortion in Billboard Advertising Campaigns." (Karen Cerulo, Susan Keith, Richard Williams) 

 Previous Qualifying Papers in Culture and Cognition

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