Welcome to the Sociology Department


  • Karen Danna-Lynch.  “Role Switching: A Social/Cognitive Approach to Multiple Role Enactment.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Chair; Allan Horwitz; Sarah Rosenfield; Eviatar Zerubavel)
  • Thomas DeGloma.  “Awakenings: Autobiography, Memory, and the Social Geometry of Personal Discovery.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Chair; Allan Horwitz; Ann Mische; Arlene Stein)
  • Chantelle Marlor.  “The Cultural Construction of Ecological Knowledge: How does the Construction Process Affect the Conclusions?”  (John L. Martin, Chair; Eviatar Zerubavel; Thomas Rudel)


  • Stephen Joseph Fichter:. “Shepherding in "Greener" Pastures:  Causes and Consequences of the Dual Transition of Celibate Catholic Priests into Married Protestant Ministry.”  (Ellen Idler, Benjamin Zablocki, Eviatar Zerubavel)
  • Jenna Howard.  “Recovery from Recovery: The Temporal Organization of Identity.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Allan Horwitz, Sarah Rosenfield) 
  • Karen Jaffe. “Forming Fat Identities.”  (Deborah Carr, Allan Horwitz, Eviatar Zerubavel)


  • John Lang.  “Acceptable Trust? The Public Perception of Organizations Involved in Genetically Modified Food.” (Lee Clarke, Paul Mclean, Patricia Roos)
  • Vanina Leschziner.  “Cultural Creation: The Creation of Culture and the Culture of Creation. A Sociological Analysis in the Culinary Sphere.” (Karen A. Cerulo, John L. Martin, Paul McLean, Ann Mische)
  • King-to Yeung. “Suppressing Rebels, Managing Bureaucrats: State Building During the Taiping Rebellion, 1850-1864.”  (John L. Martin, Lee Clarke, Paul McLean, Ann Mische)


  • Kevin Keogan.  “The Contemporary Politics of Immigration Within the United States: An Historical-Comparative Analysis of Southern California and the New York Metro Area.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Thomas Rudel, Ann Mische, Rubén G. Rumbaut)
  • Ruth E. Simpson.  “Changing Conceptions of Air and Social Space: Miasmatic Theories, Microscopic Worlds, and Myopic Vision.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Ira Cohen, Allan Horwitz, József Böröcz, Richard Williams)


  • Anna Looney.  “New Perspectives on Past Commitments:  Midlife Reflections on Cult Experience in Young Adulthood.” (Benjamin Zablocki, Sarah Rosenfield, Deborah Carr, John L. Martin)
  • Jamie McLennan.  “Solitude and Sociability: The Social World of Long Distance Hikers on the Appalacian Trail.” (Thomas Rudel, D. Randall Smith, Deborah Carr)
  • Takiko Mori-Saunders.  “Media Discourse For Japanese Middle-Aged Women: Between Docile Body and Silent Resistance.” (Ellen Idler, Judith Friedman, Ethel Brooks)
  • Keumjae Park.  “Immigrant Identities: The Case of Korean-Americans.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Richard Williams, Vilna Bashi, Kyeyoung Park)
  • Ian Watson. “Cognitive Design.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Paul McLean, Allan Horwitz)


  • Julie McLaughlin. “It's In the Timing: The Relationship Between the Temporal Composition of Family Transitions and Psychological Well-Being.” (Allan Horwitz, Sarah Rosenfield, Ellen Idler, Deborah Carr)


  • Eric K. Shaw. “What Goes Around Comes Around: A Social Psychological Examinatio of Helping Behavior Among Haitian Immigrants, Christian Fundamentalists, and Gang Members.” (Richard Williams, Benjamin Zablocki, Vilna Bashi, Philip Kasinitz)
  • Jamie Mullaney. “Everyone's Not Doing It: An Exploration of Abstinence as Chosen Pursuit.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Richard Williams, Benjamin Zablocki)
  • Marla Perez-Lugo. “Vulnerability to Natural Disasters and the Mass Media.” (Tom Rudel, Karen O'Neill, Karen A. Cerulo)


  • Brian Hall. “Chinese Americans at the Border of Christian Faith.” (Benjamin Zablocki, Cathy Greenblat, Chaim Waxman)
  • Sherril Schuster. “Princess for a Day: Perpetuating the "White Wedding" as a Traditional Ritual.” (Ann Parelius, Judith Gerson, Chaim Waxman)


  • Shawna Hudson. “Watching Sex on TV: Reinterpreting Content Using A Sociological Gaze.” (Cathy Greenblat, Karen A. Cerulo, Richard Williams, John Gagnon)
  • Nicole Isaacson. “’The Unfinished Infant"\’: An Analysis Of The Cultural Representations And Practices To Finish The Premature Baby.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Judith Gerson, Karen A. Cerulo, Cathy Greenblat, John Gagnon)
  • Marla Perez-Lugo. “Vulnerability to Natural Disasters and the Mass Media.” (Thomas Rudel, Karen A. Cerulo, Karen O’Neill)
  • Kristen Purcell. “Leveling the Playing Field: Constructing Parity In The Modern World.”  (Eviatar Zerubavel, Jozsef Borocz, Allan Horwitz, Viviana Zelizer)
  • Rick Phillips. “Saints in ‘Zion’; Saints in "Babylon": Mormonism, Pluralism and the Transformation of Religious Vitality in the United States.” (Benjamin Zablocki, Chaim Waxman, John Martin, Daniel V.A. Olsen)
  • William Smith. “Christian Psychotherapists: Being in the World, But Not of It.” (Benjamin Zablocki, John Martin, Chaim Waxman)


  • Johanna Foster. “Feminist Theory and the Politics of Ambiguity: A Comparative Analysis of the Multiracial Movement, the Intersex Movement and the Disability Rights Movement as Contemporary Struggles Over Social Classification in the United States.” (Judith Gerson, Richard Williams, Eviatar Zerubavel)
  • Mary L. Gatta. “Juggling Food and Feelings: Emotional Balance in the Workplace.” (Ira Cohen, Patricia Roos, Benjamin Zablocki)


  • Wayne Brekhus. “Lifestylers, Commuters, and Integrators: The Grammar and Micro-Ecology of Social Identity.” (Cathy Greenblat, Eviatar Zerubavel, Judith Gerson, John Gagnon)
  • Mary Chayko. “Technology and Togetherness: How We Create and Live in a World of Mental Connections.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Karen A. Cerulo, Ira Cohen)
  • Kimberly Wittenstrom. “From Stay-At-Home Mothers to Professional Family Day Care Providers: Explaining Women's Transformations Using a Multi-Analytic Approach.” (Karen A. Cerulo, Judith Gerson, Eviatar Zerubavel, Hartmut B. Mokros)


  • Katharine Jones. “Accent on Privilege: Negotiating English Identities in an American Context.” (Judith Gerson, Richard Williams, Roberto Franzosi)