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  • Anna Harewood. 2014. "Exploring Gender Definition in Recent Sociological Scholarship." (Judith Gerson, Chair; Patricia A. Roos; Kristen W. Springer; Harriet Davidson (Dept of English, Rutgers University))
  • Asia Friedman. 2010. “Blind to Sameness: The Socio-Optical Construction of Male and Female Bodies.” (Eviatar Zerubavel, Chair, Karen A. Cerulo; Arlene Stein; Judith Gerson)

Previous Dissertations in Gender, Difference, and Inequality

Qualifying Papers

  • Benjamin Foley. 2015. "Humanitarian and the Rest? How othering processes are imbricated in the mobilizing aesthetics of "commodity activism" (Zakia Salime, Ethel Brooks, Arlene Stein)
  • Ying-Chao Kao. 2014. "Belief, Behavior, and Belonging: How Religious Involvement Differently Influences Attitudes toward Homosexuality in 40 Countries" (Lauren Krivo, Julie Phillips, Arlene Stein)
  • Lindsay Stevens. 2014. "Interrogating 'Planned Parenthood': Reproductive Health Care Providers' Attitudes about Family Planning." (Joanna Kempner, Deborah Carr, Catherine Lee)
  • Analena Bruce. 2013. ”Labor of Love: Viability Strategies in Sustainable Farming.” (Patricia Roos, Norah MacKendrick, Thomas K. Rudel)
  • Crystal Bedley. 2012. "Monoracial and Multiracial Attitudes towards Racial Inequality."
  • Étienne Meunier. 2012. "From Anonymity to Community: Collective Sexualities in the 21st Century." (Arlene Stein, Richard Williams, Judy Gerson)
  • Ghassan Moussawi. 2012. “Claiming Rights, Situating Struggles: An Analysis of Local and Global Collective Identity Deployment, and Intersectionality in LGBTQ Activism in Beirut.” (Ann Mische, Judith Gerson, Arlene Stein, Richard Williams)
  • Étienne Meunier. 2011. "Collective intimacy: social-sexual practices in a NYC private gay sex party." (Joanna Kempner, Robyn Rodriguez, Arlene Stein)
  • Ghassan Moussawi. 2011. “Queering the ‘Paris of the Middle East’: Liminality, Narratives of Progress and Essentialized Masculinities in Contemporary Gay Travelogues.”
  • Eiko Saeki. 2010. “Selection, Modification, and Application: Incorporation of Western Knowledge in Japanese Obstetrics from the Late Tokugawa to the Beginning of Meiji.”

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