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  • Kelly Kato. In progress. Expanding the Immigrant Health Paradox: Self-Rated Health and Acculturation to the United States. (Julie Phillips, Sharon Bzostek, Sarah Rosenfield, Peter Guarnaccia).
  • Elizabeth Luth. In progress. dvancing our Understanding of a Good Death: How social inequalities, end-of-life planning, and proxy characteristics influence our understanding of "good death" using multidimensional measures of perceived death quality. (Deborah Carr, Julie Phillips, Kristen Springer).
  • Lindsay Stevens. In progress. Reproductive Planning and Ambivalence at the Intersection of Public Health, Professional Practice, and Lay Experience. (Joanna Kempner, Deborah Carr, Catherine Lee, Norah MacKendrick).
  • Jennifer Hemler. 2015. "Cognitions of Cancer: How Breast Cancer Survivors Think about and Live with Chronic Illness." (Karen Cerulo (chair), Deborah Carr, Allan Horwitz).
  • Neha Gondal. 2013. "Do People with Small Families Sociate Differently?" (Paul McLean, Chair; Deborah Carr, Ann Mische, Eviatar Zerubavel).
  • Tracie Witte. 2013. "Creating Morality: Competing for Medical Marijuana Legislation."
  • Chioun Lee. 2012. "Long-term Effects of Childhood Abuse on Physiological Dysregulation in Midlife and Beyond." (Deborah Carr, Chair; Kristen Springer, Helene White, Alex Khodyakov).
  • Colleen Nugent. 2012. "Having at Least One Boy and One Girl: Spousal Disagreement, Fertility, and Well-Being." (Deborah Carr, Chair; Julie Phillips, Kristen Springer, Lenna Nepomyaschy).
  • Susan Bodnar-Deren. 2011. "A Multidimensional Approach to Understanding Advance Care Planning in Older Adults: The Impact of Function and Perceived Burden." (Deborah Carr, Chair; Julie Phillips, Sara Rosenfield, Carol Boyer).
  • Ivana Brown. 2011. "A Sociological Analysis of Maternal Ambivalence: Class and Race Differences Among New Mothers." (Judy Gerson, Chair; Deborah Carr, Kristen Springer, Sarah Rosenfield).
  • Frederick O. Rasmussen. 2011. "Cultural Definitions of Emotional Problems: Impact on Problem Experience, Care Seeking, Sources of Car, and Satisfaction with Care Among Latino Community Members Living in the United States." (Allan Horwitz, Chair; Stephen Hansell; Karen A. Cerulo).
  • Dena Smith. 2011. "Meaning-Making in a Medical World: The Art of Talk Therapy, the Science of the Biological Model and The Boundaries In Between." (Deborah Carr, Chair; Patrick Carr, Phaedra Daipha; Allan Horwitz, Lynn Chancer).
  • Dawne Mouzon. 2010. "Using Intersectionality to Understand Racial Differences in Mental Health: The Roles of Social Ties and Goal-Striving Stress." (Allan Horwitz, Chair; Deborah Carr, Sara Rosenfield, Kristen Springer, Verna Keith).
  • Dorota Szymkowiak. 2010. "Race Differences in Mental Health Services for Depression and Anxiety: Treatment Rates, Settings, and Quality among Whites, Blacks, and Latinos in the Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys." (Deborah Carr, Chair; Julie Phillips, Sara Rosenfield, Carol Boyer).

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