Affiliated Faculty

József Böröcz

Selected Publications

Böröcz, József. 2009. “The Rise of China and the Changing World Income Distribution,” in Ho-fung Hung (ed.) China and the Transformation of Global Capitalism. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. pp. 86-108.

Ethel Brooks

Selected Publications

Brooks, Ethel. 2002. “The Ideal Sweatshop? Gender and Transnational Protest,” The Journal of International Labor and Working Class History: 61(Spring). [Reprinted in Richard Greenwald and Daniel Bender, editors, Sweatshop USA (Routledge 2003).]

Patrick Carr

Selected Publications

Carr, Patrick J. 2003. “The New Parochialism: Implications of the Beltway Case for Arguments Concerning Informal Social Control.” American Journal of Sociology 108(6): 1249-91.

Karen A. Cerulo

Selected Publications

Cerulo, Karen A. 2002. “Individualism Pro Tem: Reconsidering U.S. Social Relations,” in Karen A. Cerulo (ed.) Culture In Mind: Toward a Sociology of Culture and Cognition. Routledge. pp. 135-171.

Lee Clarke

Selected Publications

Clarke, Lee and Caron Chess. "Elites and Panic: More to Fear Than Fear Itself," Social Forces 87(2): 993-1014.

Ira Cohen

Judith Gerson

Selected Publications

Gerson, Judith M. 2009. “Family Matters: Jewish Masculinities among Nazi Era Refugees,” in Ben Baader, Sharon Gillerman, and Paul Lerner, eds. Jewish Masculinities in Germany.  Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Paul Hirschfield 

Catherine Lee

Selected Publications

Lee, Catherine. 2005. "The Value of Life in Death: Multiple Regression and Event History Analyses of Homicide Clearance in Los Angeles County." Journal of Criminal Justice 33, 6:527-534.

Paul McLean 

Selected Publications

McLean, Paul D. 2004. “Widening Access While Tightening Control: Office-Holding, Marriages and Elite Consolidation in Early Modern Poland.” Theory and Society 33:167-212.

Julie Phillips 

Selected Publications

Phillips, Julie A. and Megan M. Sweeney,. 2005. “Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Disruption among White, Black and Mexican American Women.” Journal of Marriage and Family 67: 296-314.

Phillips, Julie A. 2002. “White, Black, and Latino Homicide Rates: Why the Difference?” Social Problems 39(3): 349-373.

Patricia A. Roos

Selected Publications

Roos, Patricia A. and Mary L. Gatta. 2009. "Gender (In)Equity in the Academy: Subtle Mechanisms and the Production of Inequality." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 27:177-200.

Roos, Patricia A. 2009. "Interconnecting Work and Family: Race and Class Differences in Women's Work Status and Attitudes." Women's Studies Quarterly 37:103-120.

Thomas Rudel

Selected Publications

Rudel, Thomas K. 2009. "How Do People Transform Landscapes? A Sociological Perspective on Suburban Sprawl and Tropical Deforestation." American Journal of Sociology 115(1): 129-54.

Zakia Salime

Selected Publications

Salime, Zakia. 2007. "The 'War on Terrorism:' Appropriation and Subversion by Moroccan Women." Signs: The Journal of Women in Society and Culture 33(1):1-24.

Salime, Zakia. 2008. "Mobilizing Muslim Women in Africa: Multiple Voices, the Shari'a and the State." Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 28(1):200-211.

D. Randall Smith

Selected Publications

Smith, D. R. 2009. "College Football and Student Quality: An Advertising Effect or Culture and Tradition?" American Journal of Economics and Sociology 68: 553-579.

Smith, D. R. 2008. "Big-Time College Basketball and the Advertising Effect: Does Success Really Matter?" Journal of Sports Economics 9:387-406.


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