Welcome to the Sociology Department

  • Eunkyung Song. In progress. “Power from the Fingertips on Digital Media: How to Write and Work Together in Korea.” (Paul McLean, Chair; Richard Williams; Judith Gerson)
  • Janet Lorenzen. 2014. “Going Green: Changing Habits and Restricting Consumption in Contemporary America.” (Paul McLean, Chair; Karen Cerulo; Phaedra Daipha; Thomas Rudel)
  • Sourabh Singh. 2014. “Elite Networks and Field Dynamics in a Democratizing State: India, 1947-1984.” (Paul McLean, Chair; Ethel Brooks; Ann Mische)
  • Anna da Silva. 2013. “Institutional Innovation in Global Health: Changing Roles of State and Non-State Actors in Governance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases.” (Josef Böröcz, Chair; Catherine Lee; Paul McLean)
  • Neha Gondal. 2013. “Less-Institutionalized Social Structures: A Theoretical, Methodological, and Empirical Analysis of How Networks and Culture Matter for Emergence.” (Paul McLean, Chair; Deborah Carr; Anne Mische; Eviatar Zerubavel)