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Callejas, Laura Maria

Organizational Consultant, School Climate Transformation Project, Rutgers University- Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology
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Laura Maria Callejas received her Ph.D. in sociology from Rutgers University in 2020 where he explored a range of topics in educational sociology. In her early years as a graduate student, Laura's research focused on the impact that lack of access to timely information regarding the college application process has on students' ability to prepare for admission to institutions of higher education, particularly for Latinx and first-generation college students. In her dissertation, Laura explored the relationship between interpersonal conflict and social status mobility among adolescents in middle schools using quantitative network data. Laura received the Anne Foner Dissertation Award from the sociology department and her dissertation work is published in the journal Social Psychology Quarterly, which she co-authored with her advisor and dissertation co-chair, Hana Shepherd. In her current position as an Organizational Consultant with the School Climate Transformation Project at Rutgers University, Laura supports K-12 schools in the state of New Jersey engage in a strategic and data-driven multi-year change process to improve school climate. She also contributes to the investigation of key predictors of positive school climate and culture, including important factors that help promote more equitable school environments.