Professor and Executive Director, School of Global Studies and Languages
University of Oregon
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Aneesh Aneesh is the Executive Director of the School of Global Studies and Languages at the University of Oregon. Previously, he taught at Stanford University and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He is a sociologist who studies the ways work is organized and managed in a global world with a particular focus on the managerial and cultural implications of advanced economies offshoring work in India.  He is the author of two well-received books on the topic, Virtual Migration: The Programming of Globalization and Neutral Accent: How Language, Labor, and Life Become Global, as well as two edited books, articles, and book chapters.  Aneesh also developed and coined the term “algocracy,” which is the concept that global work is governed through the design of the work process itself, focusing on the role of programming schemes embedded in global software platforms that structure possible forms of work performance. Aneesh’s research has been supported by the McArthur Foundation, Social Science Research Council, Population Council, School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, and Berggruen Institute in Los Angeles. He has served on the editorial boards of sociology journals, and has written for newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the Times of India. Currently, he is working on an alternative framework for citizenship in the global age.