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Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Seton Hall University
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C Lynn Carr’s published scholarship has focused on the interplay between the individual and the social within sex, gender, sexual, and (more recently) religious identity construction. She has written about the relationship between social power and individual agency within gender and sexual identification, consciousness, and practice; the importance of cultural classification schemes in gender and sexual identity and cognitions; and distinctions between and connections among sex, gender and sexual identifications and practices in several peer reviewed journals: Sex Roles, Symbolic Interaction, the Journal of Bisexuality, and Gender & Society. Dr. Carr’s most recent research employs a variety of qualitative methodologies (including in-depth interviews, an online survey, and autoethnographic fieldwork) to explore issues of cultural identification and change in post- or late-modern pluralistic society among cultural newcomers to the Afro-Cuban Lukumi and Ifa religious traditions in the United States. She is currently working on a book-length manuscript focusing on the yaworaje (or “year in white”) in these African-diasporic religious traditions, as a strategic site for exploring issues of identity in a diversifying U.S. society. Dr. Carr teaches a variety of introductory and advanced undergraduate courses on gender, sexuality, social problems and solutions, deviance and conformity, American society, religion, and social inequalities.