Associate Professor of Sociology, Seton Hall University
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Curriculum Vita

I currently teach the following courses on a regular basis: (1) Sociological Theories; (2) Self and Society; (3) Social Change; (4) Integrated Human Science; (5) Senior Seminar in the Social and Behavioral Sciences; and (6) Catholicism and the Human Sciences. In recent years, I have offered special topics courses on morality, transhumanism, the building of community, and the philosophy of the human sciences. Major publications include the book, Social Practice: Philosophy and Method (Kendall/Hunt, 2003), chapter contributions (“Valuing the Future” in Creating Global Strategies for Humanity’s Future, World Future Society; “Classical Sociological Theory” in the Cambridge Handbook of Sociology; “The ‘new person’ contested: Atheist humanist vs. Catholic worldviews on transhumanism” in Spiritualities, Ethics, and Implications of Human Enhancement and Artificial Intelligence, Vernon Press), and a journal article, “Sociology’s Sacred Victims and the Politics of Knowledge,” The American Sociologist. I have presented in recent years at meetings of the World Future Society, the Society for Applied Anthropology, the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, the Saskatchewan Center for Science and Religion, the Midwest Sociological Society, the Self and Society Symposium (affiliated with the ASA), the Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization Conference, the Eastern Sociological Society, and the Heterodox Academy. I am also active in the Hannah Arendt Center and the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race. Current research projects include a book, Communitarianism Reenvisioned, and monographs on the state of integrated human science, the relationship between Catholicism and the human sciences, and how social theory can be interpreted as a conversation about the nature and desirability of a liberal social order. I also continue to work on editing the collected papers of Harry C. Bredemeier.