Social Worker, Rutgers University- Counseling, ADAP an Psychiatric Services (CAPS), Volunteer Faculty, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Dept of Family Medicine, RWJMS-UMDNJ
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After completing my doctorate in Sociology in 2001, I was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine (2003-2008) where I was the director of the Network of Affiliated Family Medicine Residencies and I conducted research in primary care practice in the areas of health disparities, role change in organizations and patient behavior change with an emphasis on mental health issues. During that time, I returned to graduate school and received an Masters of Social Service from Bryn Mawr in 2005 and began working part-time as a counselor at the Rutgers University Counseling Center. In 2008, I accepted a full-time clinical position as a social worker at Rutgers-CAPS and currently provide individual and group psychotherapy to undergraduate and graduate students at Rutgers University. I continue to collaborate with Family Medicine faculty from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in publishing findings from on-going research projects.