Faculty, The Center for Mind Body Medicine
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Anna and her partner Jim relocated to Oregon in July 2017. After teaching Soc courses at Oregon State University (Family; Health, Illness & Healthcare), Anna shifted her focus to Mind Body Medicine trainings. As a consultant to Samaritan Health Services, she runs different kinds of trainings in holistic health for people with cancer and other chronic conditions. While seemingly a departure from academia, Anna employs her research experience and deep interest in humanism to addressing problems of life in a powerful way. Anna will join the Board of Directors of a local non-profit Center for Healing and Wellness in the fall of 2022. She has presented at the annual Conference for Religion & Medicine in Portland, OR. Anna is definitely thriving and happy, fulfilled in this work. To know more about the public health impact of The Center for Mind Body Medicine, Anna invites anyone interested to visit the website cmbm.org