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Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Co-director, Race Relations Project, Pennsylvania State University
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I’ve taught a wide range of courses at Penn State since arriving in 1990, but for the past six years I’ve settled into a 375 student Intro course and a 725 student race and ethnicity class. The latter, SOC 119, is one of the more popular classes on campus and a joy to teach because I’m an iconoclast and because we utilize new technologies to carry the “lessons” outside of the classroom. I also co-direct the Race Relations Project. Our mission is to create an ideologically neutral environment for dialogue where individuals can voice their unscripted thoughts and concerns about race relations. Each year over 6,000 students participate in one of over 800 ninety minute RRP conversations on our campus. I have fully embraced the world of undergraduate teaching and each semester I have about eighty people working for me in one way or another, although mostly as discussion group facilitators for the 119 class or for the RRP. It’s all good…