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Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology and Anthropology Northeastern University
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Steven P. Vallas received his PhD from Rutgers in 1983. He has taught at the Georgia Institute of Technology and at George Mason University (where he served as department chair). He is currently Professor of Sociology at Northeastern University in Boston. He is the author of numerous articles on  workplace technology, struggles over the organization of work, new forms of managerial authority, the knowledge economy, and the meaning of race in the contemporary workplace.  His articles have appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, and Theory and Society, among many other places. He has written or edited several books, including Power in the Workplace (1993), The Nature of Work (edited, with Kai Erikson) and (most recently) Work: A Critique (Polity, 2012). He is currently writing about the commercialization of employee subjectivity and the meaning of workplace diversity. He invites you to follow him on Twitter at @spvallas.