Assistant Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences, School of Global Public Health, New York University; Director of Research, Center for Public Health Disaster Science
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Alexis Merdjanoff is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Social and Behavioral Sciences at New York University’s College of Global Public Health and Director of Research for the program on Population Impact, Recovery and Resilience (PiR2). As a public health sociologist working in the field of climate change and disasters, her work lies at the intersection of natural hazards, housing, and health disparities. To do so, she collects and analyzes survey and in-depth interview data to form a holistic understanding of how individuals and communities are affected by hurricanes, flooding, heatwaves and wildfires. More recently, her work has examined the post-disaster resilience of older adults and how older adults can successfully age in high-risk coastal areas. She aims to contribute to an emerging evidence base of the social resources older adults need to successfully prepare for and recover from acute and chronic natural hazards.