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Faculty Sponsor: Karen A. Cerulo

The Culture Workshop brings together interested faculty and students who meet monthly to discuss contemporary issues in the field.  Activities include: lectures and discussion sessions with outside speakers; viewing relevant documentaries – often from local or Rutgers affiliated filmmakers; group discussion of current, cutting edge publications in culture; discussion of students or faculty members’ works in progress.

Rutgers Centers, Bureaus, and Institutes

Center for Cultural Analysis
Center for European Studies
Center for Race and Ethnicity
Center of Alcohol Studies
Eagleton Institute of Politics
Institute for Research on Women
Rutgers Libraries


ASA Rose Series in Sociology
Rutgers Journal of Sociology
Sociological Forum
The Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences

Professional Associations

American Sociological Association
Eastern Sociological Society
International Sociological Association

Rutgers University Links

Rutgers Libraries
Sociological Abstracts
Web of Science
GradFund Assists Rutgers Graduate students with identifying and applying for external funding.
Graduate Study at Rutgers
Career Services
Office of Undergraduate Education Information on all aspects of undergraduate education in the School of Arts and Sciences

Social Science Data Archives

GSS pages The online codebook displays frequencies for all GSS questions (1974-2014).
ICPSR Hundreds of data sets online
UCSD Social Science Data Services
Princeton University's Data and Statistical Service
University of Wisconsin Data and Information Services Center

General Statistical Information and Reference

Census Bureau
University of Michigan Documents Center The most comprehensive collection of statistical documents on the web.
Statistical Abstract of the United States
State and Local Governments on the Internet
University of Virginia Social Science Data Center

General Sociology Sites

SocioLog Provides links to sociology departments, think tanks, research institutes and sociology mailing lists.
Socioweb Another general site with a handy search engine.