Educational Services Coordinator/Learning Specialist, Academic Services for Student-Athletes at Rutgers University

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Anna Harewood is the Educational Services Coordinator and a Learning Specialist in the department of Academic Services for Student-Athletes. She is responsible for the department's tutoring program and meets with academically at-risk student-athletes for to assist with skill-building and course content assimilation. Anna holds an undergraduate degree in Women's Studies and Comparative Development Studies from Trent University and an interdisciplinary master's degree in Canadian Studies from Carleton University. She subsequently completed an MA and PhD in Sociology at Rutgers University. Her MA paper examined Americans' attitudes towards working mothers, using logit regression modeling with General Social Survey data. Her dissertation took the form of a methodological investigation into the function of the concept in sociological study of gender, proposing new insights to guide conceptual development in this sociological subfield. In addition to her work with student-athletes, Anna has taught undergraduate classes at Rutgers for more than 15 years. She currently teaches upper-level writing classes in the Writing Program and the Political Science Department.