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  • Alexandra (Lexi) Gervis is a doctoral candidate and Rutgers Presidential Fellow (2019). Her research interests sit at the intersection of economic and cultural sociology, with a focus on labor, low-wage work, and the social safety net. Her MA thesis (2017) explored the relationship between social class, social distance, and allocating decisions when donating, both in terms of magnitude (how much a family gives) and type (the kinds of organizations they select). Her dissertation, “Portable Benefits: The Bending, Breaking, and Rebuilding of the Social Safety Net,” investigates how a diverse set of experts, state actors, and organizations are responding to the challenge of redesigning the social safety net for non-standard workers. She is also a research assistant to Dr. Hana Shepherd and Dr. Janice Fine on a Russell Sage-funded project, “Understanding Local Labor Law Enforcement: A Comparative Organizational Study of City Labor Standards Enforcement Agencies,” which investigates the enforcement practices of four local labor offices tasked with enforcing the most progressive worker protections in the country.