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  • Peter Guarnaccia
  • Professor, Culture and Health, Department of Human Ecology, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research
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  • Professor Peter Guarnaccia teaches undergraduate courses in Social and Ecological Aspects of Health and Disease, Culture and Health, and Health in the Latino Community. His research interests include cross-cultural patterns of psychiatric disorders, cultural competence in mental health organizations, and processes of cultural and health change among Latino immigrants. He has examined mental health among Latino individuals in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico for two decades, most recently using the National Latino and Asian American (NLAAS) mental health study funded by National Institute of Mental Health. He currently directs one of the International Service Learning Programs on Culture and Community Health in Oaxaca, Mexico. His most recent research, funded by NICHD, examines acculturation processes among immigrant students both to understand how students successfully balance family and U.S. cultures to get to college and what families, schools, communities, and universities can do to support immigrant students' educational aspirations.