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Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: political sociology, migration and citizenship, race and ethnicity, collective action, military, mixed methods

Dissertation Title: Fighting to Belong: Diaspora Soldiers, Immigration, and National Identity in Israel

Dissertation Committee: Catherine Lee (co-chair), Paul McLean (co-chair), Hana Shepherd, Yinon Cohen (Columbia University)

Lior is interested in the processes of group formation and boundary marking. He is actively engaged in two research projects. In one project, based on his completed dissertation research, Lior investigates the evolving relationship between national security, citizenship models, and military migration patterns. He explores how states, migrants, and diaspora communities negotiate rights and belonging within the military context. In a separate vein of research, being conducted in his current postdoctoral position, Lior examines how higher education shapes group boundaries in multi-ethnic societies in general, and in conflicted societies in particular. Specifically, he scrutinizes the influence of school factors on group boundaries between Arab and Jewish students in Israel.

Lior is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Tel Aviv University.

Peer-Reviewed Articles
Yohanani, L. (2022). High Risk Transnationalism: Why Do Israeli Americans Volunteer in the Israeli Military? Sociological Forum, 37, 533-556.

Yohanani, L. (2020). Zionist Identity and the British Mandate: Palestine's Internment Camps and the Making of the Western Native. Nations and Nationalism, 26(1), 246-262.

Yohanani, L. (2017). Partners and Adversaries: Jewish and British Relations in the Palestine Police Force, 1936-1945. Israelis, 8, 188-213.

Published Scientific Reports
Chachashvili-Bolotin, S. Talmi-Cohn, R. & Yohanani, L. (2021). Science Study Tracks and Academic Achievements of High School Students of Ethiopian Origin: Gender and Intergenerational Patterns. The Institute for Immigration and Social Integration, Ruppin
Academic Center. (Hebrew).