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Zainiddinov, Hakim

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Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: “Are all Muslims Treated the Same? Racial and Ethnic Differences in Perceived Discrimination among Muslim Americans.”

Dissertation Committee: Deborah Carr (chair), Lee Clarke, Lauren Krivo, Richard Williams

Areas of interest: Race and Ethnic Relations; Religion; Globalization; Terrorism; Central Asia; Health; Research Methods; Quantitative Analysis; Comparative Historical Analysis


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Zainiddinov, Hakim. 2018. “Institutional Isomorphism in Religious Entities of Post-SovietTajikistan.” Journal of Historical Sociology 
doi: 10.1111/johs.12181.

Zainiddinov, Hakim and Nazim Habibov. 2018. “A Comparison of Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Knowledge among Women across Seven Post-Soviet Countries.” Central Asian Journal of Global Health 7(1) doi: 10.5195/cajgh.2018.295|

Habibov, Nazim and Hakim Zainiddinov. 2017. “Do Family Planning Messages Improve Antenatal Care Utilization? Evidence from Tajikistan.” Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 13:29-34.

Zainiddinov, Hakim. 2016. “Racial and Ethnic Differences in Perceptions of Discrimination among Muslim Americans.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 39(15):2701-2721.

Zainiddinov, Hakim and Nazim Habibov. 2016. “Trends and Predictors of Knowledge about HIV/AIDS and Its Prevention and Transmission Methods among Women in Tajikistan.” European Journal of Public Health 26(6):1075-1079.

Habibov, Nazim and Hakim Zainiddinov. 2015. “Effect of TV and Radio Family Planning Messages on the Probability of Modern Contraception Utilization in Post-Soviet Central Asia.” The International Journal of Health Planning and Management doi:10.1002/hpm.2318.

Zainiddinov, Hakim. 2013. “What Factors Account for Black-White Differences in Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the Contemporary United States?” Ethnic and Racial Studies 36 (11):1745-1769.

Zainiddinov, Hakim. 2013. “The Changing Relationship of the Secularized State to Religion in Tajikistan.” Journal of Church and State 55(3):456–477.

Book Chapters

Zainiddinov, Hakim. 2017. “Islamic Education in Tajikistan.” In Handbook of Islamic Education, edited by Holger Daun and Reza Arjmand. Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-53620-0_46-1.