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Vuolajarvi, Niina

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Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: "Governing Sexuality, Producing Benevolent Nations - Commercial Sex and Migration in 'the Nordic Model"'

Dissertation Committee: Arlene Stein (Chair), Carole Vance (Columbia University), Catherine Lee, Zaire Dinsey-Flores

Areas of Interest: Gender and sexuality, migration and border regimes, law and policy, carceral studies, race and ethnicity, postcolonialism, critical trafficking studies and sex work, informal labor, the welfare state, and ethnographic methodologies

Vuolajärvi, Niina. 2019. “Governing in the Name of Caring – The Nordic Model of Prostitution and its Punitive Consequences for Migrants”, Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 16(2), 151–165.
* Translated into Swedish in Annelie De Cabo, Charlotta Holmström & Jari Kuosmanen (eds.): Anthology of Swedish Research on Sex for Sale, Lund: Studentlitteratur (forthcoming 2020).

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*Abridged version, "About racism and its borders", published on the Raster (Anti-racist researcher network) blog, in 2017.

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*Translated into Finnish:
Vuolajärvi, Niina. 2017. “Prekaarit Intiimisuhteet: Euroopan rajajärjestelmä ja siirtolaisten seksityö.” by Elina Halttunen-Riikonen. In Veera Nuutinen (ed.): Uusi työväki: Työ ja yrittäjyys prekarisoituvan palkkatyön yhteiskunnassa, Helsinki: Vasemmistofoorumi.

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