In the Public Eye

Carr, Patrick

Faculty Profile: Carr, Patrick
  • Featured on the Lenny Lopate Show on WNYC talking about the book Hollowing Out the Middle. The show discussed the issue of rural brain drain and ways that it can be tackled.
  • This invited op-ed for the Root showcases research completed in Philadelphia where over 150 young people from high crime neighborhoods were asked to explain the Stop Snitching phenomenon and when, if ever, it is permissible to call and/or cooperate with the police.
  • Featured on Here and Now July 24, 2012 talking about how immigration has the potential to arrest small town decline.

Chaudhary, Ali R.

Faculty Profile: Chaudhary, Ali R.
  • Research on immigrant voting in Europe featured by the International Migration Institute at Oxford University.
  • Interviewed about New Jersey Supper Clubs as a strategy to reduce inter-group tensions between natives and immigrants in the Asbury Park Press and USA Today Network.

Gerson, Judith

Faculty Profile: Gerson, Judith
  • Audio recording of the March 15, 2018 Ina Levine Lecture presented by Judith Gerson at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  • Description of the 2019 Silberman Faculty Seminar at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, co-taught with Professor Robin Judd of the Ohio State University.

Hirschfield, Paul

Faculty Profile: Hirschfield, Paul

Kempner, Joanna

Faculty Profile: Kempner, Joanna

MacKendrick, Norah

Faculty Profile: MacKendrick, Norah

Roos, Patricia A.

Faculty Profile: Roos, Patricia A.

Salime, Zakia

Faculty Profile: Salime, Zakia