Why Sociology?

Our undergraduate program in Sociology offers students the opportunity to examine a broad range of social issues. Our major focuses on developing critical thinking, analytical skills, and broadly applicable research skills that students have employed in careers like market research, human resources, public relations, or education. The Sociology major pairs well with a number of minors. This year we are highlighting the Entrepreneurship minor, which, like Sociology, builds the kind of broad-based skills well-suited for today’s varied and dynamic job market. As our major offers a number of health-related courses, like Mental Illness, Health Inequalities, and Social Gerontology, majoring in Sociology also provides a solid foundation for a Master’s degree in Public Health (or MPH). In addition to our major, we offer three minors: Health and Society, Criminology, and a minor in Sociology.  

Remember to declare your Sociology major or minor, including our minors in Health and Society and Criminology, by visiting the SAS Major Declaration page. By declaring your affiliation with Sociology, you'll be able to track your academic progress in Degree Navigator. To access the My Major Portal and declare your major and minor, you’ll need your NetId login credentials. If you need assistance declaring your major or minor, please reach out to our Undergraduate Program Coordinator or visit us at 124 Davison Hall.