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  • Changhye Ahn
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  • Changhye’s research interests include gender, sexuality, labor, culture, and political economy. She is currently studying the shifting structures of the sex trade and neoliberal discourse on the industry. She received her BA in sociology from the University of Seoul and her MAs in sociology from Chung-Ang University and Rutgers University. Her first master's thesis analyzes the ways in which Korean migration policy constructs migrant groups based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, and political-economic status of the country of origin. Her second thesis explores the association between support for gender equality and opinion on prostitution in countries with varying prostitution policy with a focus on the radical and liberal feminist theories and policy framings of the sex trade. She has worked as a researcher for National Solidarity against Sexual Exploitation of Women and as an activist at Dasi Hamkke counseling center for victims of sex trafficking.