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  • Dana Britton
  • Director, Center for Women and Work, Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations
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  • Dana M. Britton is Professor of Labor Studies and Employment Relations and   Director of the Center for Women and Work.  She is interested in the ways organizations – historically and presently - structure and reproduce gender inequalities at work across the multiple dimensions of gender, race, class, and sexuality.  Her current project, funded by a National Science Foundation ADVANCE-PAID grant, focuses on gender and the transition between associate and full professor, particularly for university faculty in the STEM disciplines.  Her previous research has examined gender and work in sex-segregated organizations – in particular, the prison (see for example, At Work in the Iron Cage, NYU Press, 2003) - and gender and formal social control more broadly (e.g., The Gender of Crime, Rowman & Littlefield, 2011).  She is editor emerita of the journal Gender & Society (2006-2011).  Current projects at the Center for Women and Work involve technical assistance to schools to address disproportionality by gender (and other characteristics) in career and technical education, research on family friendly policies for workers such as family leave, paid sick days, and the minimum wage, leadership and mentoring programs for undergraduates and corporate women, and a partnership to study STEM education and retention issues for undergraduate women.