Fac Chaudhary AliAli R. Chaudhary
Ph.D. University of California, Davis
Department of Sociology
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
26 Nichol Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901

Office: Davison Hall, 132B
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Dr. Chaudhary is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and member of the core faculty in the Rutgers Sociology Doctoral Program. He is currently taking on new doctoral students at Rutgers and is also available to serve as an external reader for select doctoral/DPhil students working towards degrees at other institutions.  He earned his Ph.D. in sociology at the University of California, Davis. Before coming to Rutgers, he was based at the University of Oxford as a Marie Curie ITN Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Migration Institute and Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College. His research has been supported by the European Commission, the University of California Center for New Racial Studies, the U.C. Davis Gifford Center for Population Studies, the U.C. Davis Migration Research Cluster, the International Migration Institute, Wolfson College, and the Oxford Department of International Development. His research appears in top academic journals in the multidisciplinary field of migration studies including the International Migration Review, Migration Studies, Global Networks, and the Journal for Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Dr. Chaudhary's current research program is comprised of two inter-related projects.

Intersectional Stigma and Constraints in an Immigrant Nonprofit Sector

In this multi-year project, I investigate how nonprofit organizations help facilitate immigrant integration and transnational engagement with immigrants' places of origin. Using the case of the Pakistani diaspora in the U.K., Canada, and the United States, I explore how state policies, socioeconomic integration, and intersectional stigma affect Pakistani nonprofits as they seek to foster Pakistani integration and grass-roots development within Pakistan. My latest work focuses exclusively on the Pakistani nonprofit sector in the United States. I am investigating how Pakistani nonprofits are reacting and responding to intersectional stigma resulting from U.S. counter-terrorism policies/practices and the deterioration of US-Pakistan bilateral relations.

Associated Publications:
Chaudhary, A. R. Constrained.org: Intersectional Stigma in the Pakistani Nonprofit Sector (Book Manuscript in Progress)

Chaudhary, A. R. (2017) “Organizing Transnationalism and Belonging among Pakistani Immigrants in London and New York” in Migration Studies. (DOI:10.1093/migration/mnx057)

Chaudhary, A.R. and L.E. Guarnizo. (2016) “Pakistani Immigrant Organizational Spaces in Toronto and New York City” The Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 42(6):1013-1035.

Domestic and Transnational Immigrant Politics

In a series of papers, I am using secondary survey data and quantitative methods to explore the relationship between immigrant integration and transnational politics with respect to immigrants' domestic and homeland-oriented electoral behavior. In this work, I seek to understand the individual and contextual factors that are fostering or suppressing immigrants' capacities to engage in electoral politics and non-institutional political action. 

Associated Publications:

Chaudhary, A.R. (2018) “Voting Here and There: Political Integration and Transnational Political Engagement among Immigrants in Europe” in Global Networks 18(3):437-460.

Guarnizo, L.E., A.R. Chaudhary and N. N. Sorenson (2017) “Migrants’ Transnational Political Engagement in Spain and Italy” in Migration Studies. (DOI:10.1093/migration/mnx061)

Chaudhary, Ali, R. and Dana M. Moss. (2016) “Triadic Political Opportunity Structures: Re-Conceptualizing Immigrant Transnational Politics” International Migration Institute Working Paper 129. University of Oxford.

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