“Honors” at Rutgers can mean different things, and similarly “Honors” refers to different things within the Sociology department.  Primarily when we speak of Sociology Honors we are referring to our capstone senior thesis project. The details of that program are described below.  But we also periodically offer individual courses within the department with the ‘Honors’ designation (courses numbered 920:198, 298 or 398), and sometimes Sociology faculty members teach courses with considerable sociological content in the interdisciplinary School of Arts and Sciences Honors program (department code 090).  You do not have to be a sociology major to take one of these courses, but typically you must obtain special permission from the instructor to register. For honors courses listed within the department, we normally like students to have taken Introduction to Sociology first, but this prerequisite is sometimes waived. 

All Honors courses are organized as seminars with an enrollment of 15-20 students. They provide an excellent opportunity to develop your scholarly potential among a group of especially strong peers, and to become well acquainted with a particular faculty member. Students are more likely to earn detailed letters of recommendation from their professors in these courses—good to keep in mind when contemplating future applications to graduate or professional school.

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