Course work in criminology, criminal justice, deviant behavior, abnormal psychology, and the legal system is offered across a number of departments at Rutgers. The Criminology Minor, administered by the Sociology department, links a number of those areas into a single program of study. Currently, the minor requires completion of eight courses (24 credits), as noted below.

Criminal Justice majors may not minor in Criminology (beginning Spring 2014).

Criminology Minor Checklist

Six courses are required:

  • 01:202:201      Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • 01:830:101      Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • 01:830:340      Abnormal Psychology (3)
  • 01:920:101      Introduction to Sociology (3)
  • 01:920:222      Criminology (3)
  • 01:920:306      Race Relations (3)

One elective course must be taken from the following:

  • 01:920:304      Sociology of Deviant Behavior (3)
  • 01:920:307      Sociology of Mental Illness (3)
  • 01:920:349      Law and Society (3)

One additional three credit elective course offered by the Criminal Justice Program (01:202) must be taken.  All courses must be passed with a grade of "C" or better to earn credit toward the minor.

In addition to formal course work, students may have the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the criminal justice system through courses offered by Rutgers—New Brunswick’s Program in Criminal Justice. A rich course curriculum combined with field work and research opportunities makes Rutgers University a place where students can gain excellent and well-rounded training in Criminology within a broader liberal arts education.