How Does an Immigrant Relief Organization Work?
John E. DeMarco
Advisor: Dr. Ali R. Chaudhary

The Intricacies of Beauty and Ethnic Identity Among South Asian American Gen-Z Women
Rhea K. Hingu
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Lee

Dignity in Grocery: The Reality of Dignity in Low-Wage Cashier Work
Jared M. Neyman
Advisor: Dr. Norah A. MacKendrick

Powerlifting: Moving the Weight of Gender
Kira G. Sheldon
Advisor: Dr. Kristen W. Springer

Mr. Spock Is One of the Girls: Gender Play in the Star Trek Franchise and Fandom
Manya Sherman
Advisor: Dr. Thomas R. Davidson

The Memory Recollection of Young Adults in Bogotá, Colombia
Sofia Trujullo
Advisor: Dr. Arlene Stein


How Technology Use During COVID-19 Affected the Personal, Social, and Emotional Lives of Working Adults and College Students
Tulsi Patel
Advisor: Dr. Leslie Kay Jones

Equity Between Native Students and Transfer Students at Rutgers
Catherine Sackey
Advisor: Dr. Lei Lei 

How COVID-19 Social Isolation Affected Students Social Connections: Comparing NJ-Based and Chinese-Based Students 
Jiarui Chen
Advisor: Dr. Paul McLean  


Formation and Negotiation of an Arab Identity Among Young People in the U.S.: The Role of Language in Self-Identification
Leila Moustafa
Advisors: Dr. Ali Chaudhary and Dr. Catherine Lee

Examining the Effect of Social Media Content on Observers’ Anxiety-Related Emotions and Perceptions: Evidence from a Survey Experiment of Young Adults
Shannon Pultorak
Advisor: Dr. Leslie Kay Jones



A Closer Look: Analyzing the Portrayal of Sexual Assault in Film
Evelyn Collins
Advisor: Dr. Quan Mai

'Being a Man': How College Aged Men are Defining Masculinity in the Midst of a Rising Fourth Wave Feminist Movement
Gabrielle Casares
Advisor: Dr. Norah MacKendrick

Animal Testing and Consumer Habits: A Sociological Study of Awareness and Choice
Eline Hjelle
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Roos 

The Talk of Dance: The Language of Identity and Group-Forming
Hannah Kaufman
Advisor: Dr. Jeffery Dowd

Tweeting from the Bedroom: Black Women, Sexual Stories & Twitter
Danielle McCarthy
Advisor: Dr. Arlene Stein

Self-Presentation in Climate Change Conversations Between Alarmed and Concerned Individuals
Lindsey Marie Panes
Advisor: Dr. Hana Shepherd

Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories: An Exploration into the Nefarious, Suspicious, and Intriguing
Leah Stone
Advisor: Dr. Paul McLean



'Less from a Box, More from the Earth: Exploring Clean Eating in Everyday Life'
Julia Wasilewski
Advisor: Dr. Eviatar Zerubavel and Dr. Norah MacKendrick

Help Seeking Behavior: What Influences Undergraduates to Seek Medical Treatment?
Victoria Echevarria
Advisor: Dr. Sharon Bzostek and Dr. Eleanor LaPointe

Community-Based Organizations at the Forefront of Disaster Response
Miah Hagood
Advisor: Dr. Lee Clarke

Examining College Honors Identities and Intergroup Relations
Kristina Laya
Advisor: Dr. Kristen Springer



Rhythmic Patterns: Former Soviet Musicians as Immigrants in the United States 
Meesh Fradkin
Advisor: Dr. József Böröcz

The Impact of Social Interaction on the International Student Experience
Adesuwa E. Igbinovia
Advisor: Dr. Paul McLean

Representation of Gun Control in Cable News Media
Suchismita Lohani
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Dowd

The Role of Stigma in the Perception of Mental Illness
Victoria Gonzalez
Advisor: Dr. Jorie Hofstra



Can you Keep It Down? The Impact of Public Transportation Courtesy Campaigns on Perceived Consensus
Aleksandra Wec
Advisors: Dr. Stephen Brechin and Dr. Hana Shepherd

Constructions of Identity Among Multilinguals: The Case of Turkish and Korean Speakers
Hayrunnisa Kalac
Advisor: Dr. Paul McLean

Social Capital: A Tool For Indian Immigrant Workers and Entrepreneurs in Co-ethnic Restaurants
Zachary L. Del Rosso
Advisors: Dr. Jozsef Borocz, Dr. Judith Gerson

Women, Politics and Power: Influences on the Decision to Run for Political Office
Arielle Mizrahi
Advisor: Dr. Patricia A. Roos 

Extrication from the Ex-Role
Frederick Cacace
Advisor:  Dr. Eviatar Zerubavel



Perceptions of Multiracial Identities
Sarah Castro
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Lee  and Dr. Julie Phillips

Social Influences on Disaster Risk Communication
Azdren Coma
Advisor: Dr. Lee Clarke

Leadership Types and Group Development
Sean Miralles
Advisor: Dr. Paul McLean

Student Perception of the College Athlete Experience
John Curtis
Advisor: Dr. Steven Brechin

Tipping the Scales: An Examination of Weight Bias in Introduction to Psychology Textbooks
Brianna Florovito
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Roos



Ability Threat and Choice of Academic Major
Tracy Ng
Advisor: Dr. Steven Brechin

Differences among Media Portrayals and Medical Definitions of OCD from 1980-2014
Nicholas Kiriakatos
Advisor: Dr. Allan Horwitz

How Class Background Conditions the Undergraduate Experience at Rutgers
Christopher Froberg
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Rudel

Cultural Representations of Gender in Literary Education
Kristen Ferris
Advisors: Dr. Hana Shepherd and Dr. Deborah Carr

Resistance to Social Change
Kathy Smith
Advisor: Dr. Paul McLean

Railroaded: The Examination of the Lives of the Innocent after Prison
Jacquelyn McFarland
Advisors: Dr. Patrick Carr and Dr. Julie Phillips



Segregation and Inequality in Non-Residential Movement Patterns
Kevin Dahaghi
Advisor: Lauren Krivo

Human-Animal Relationships and Social Media
Gina Giacobbe
Advisor: Hana Shepherd

Potential Correlations Between Rap/Hip-Hop and Neighborhood
Peter Habib
Advisor: Zaire Dinzey-Flores

Perceptions of and Patterns Found in Sorority and Fraternity Hazing
Alexandra Henninger
Advisor: Sarah Rosenfield

Gentrification as Segregation in Asbury Park, NJ
Alyssa Maio
Advisor: Richard Williams

Fair Discipline in NJ Public High Schools
Conrad Stepien
Advisor: Paul Hirschfield



The stigma of schizophrenia: Understanding the impact of race, gender, and labeling on stigmatizing attitudes toward people with schizophrenia
Megan Bolton
Advisor: Dr. Catherine Lee

Minority high school student preparation for four-year college acceptance
Laura Callejas
Advisor: Dr. D. Randall Smith

The impact of family structure and familial stability on problem behaviors among boys and girls
Kristen E. Hagemann
Advisors: Dr. Lauren Krivo and Dr. Sharon Bzostek

African-American women and the Leadership Scholars Program
Lizethe Martinez
Advisor: Dr. Kristen Springer

Growing up Druze: The role of religion in the construction and maintenance of identity among American-born Druze
Carol Sharrouf
Advisor: Dr. Judith Gerson

The impact of network topology and the navigation of norms on popularity on the social networking site, Reddit
Charles Tong
Advisor: Dr. Paul McLean



The Popularity of NFL Players in Social Media
David Einhorn
Advisor: Dr. Allan V. Horwitz

Drawing the Line: Racial Delineation and the U.S. Census
Rachel Moseson
Advisor: Dr. Eviatar Zerubavel

Effects of Support On First Motherhood
Dina Lippey
Advisor: Dr. Judith Friedman

Attitudes Toward American Culture
Nadia Rahi
Advisor: Dr. Richard Williams



Big Box Retailer: Harmless Chain or Community Pain?
Justine Abrams
Advisors: Dr. Robyn Rodriguez and Dr. Deborah Carr

From Corsets to Jumpers: School Uniform Policies and the Construction of Gender
Nicole Auffant
Advisor: Dr. Pat Roos

Measuring Food Access in New Brunswick
Rachel Kenselaar
Advisor: Dr. Julie Phillips

Green Dynamics and Decisions within Households
Victoria Nielsen
Advisor: Dr. Tom Rudel



Identifying Perceptions of School Safety Through Demographic, School, and Community Characteristics
Carolyn Nicodemo
Advisor: Dr. Patrick Carr

The Identity of Anorexia
Lyndsi Silberman
Advisors: Dr. Allan Horwitz and Dr. Joanna Kempner

Sex Trafficking in Thailand
Nicole Bassi
Advisor: Dr. Zakia Salime

The Role of Weight History in the Construction of Weight Confidence
Christopher Hedges
Advisor: Dr. Deborah Carr

Media Representations of Missing Person Cases
Nicole O'Connor
Advisor: Dr. Arlene Stein

Racial and Ethnic Identity Motivators for Joining Culturally Based Greek Organizations
Nandita Ghosh
Advisor: Dr. Richard Williams

What's in a label? Determinants of Stigmatizing Attitudes toward Delinquents
Samantha Kerwin
Advisor: Dr. Paul Hirschfield

Just Plain White: Shifting from Ethno-Racial Markedness to Unmarkedness in Italian Immigrants
Albert Yin
Advisor: Dr. Eviatar Zerubavel

The Trials of War: Lt. Ehren Watada and the Asian American Movement
Kohshi Itagaki
Advisor: Dr. Robyn Rodriguez

Everything In Its Right Place: The Sociocognitive Categorization of Music
Joshua Baker
Advisor: Dr. Eviatar Zerubavel



Gender in Elementary Education
Kate O'Malley
Advisor: Dr. Judith Gerson

Why Are Black Brides Less Happy?
Jennifer Vergeon
Advisor: Ellen Idler

Barriers to Healthcare: How the Lack of Insurance Damages General Health
Naomi Anacius
Advisor: Dr. Zaire Dinzey-Flores

How Does Hezbollah Use Rhetoric and Media to Gain Popular Support?
Derek Ludovici
Advisor: Dr. Paul McLean

Identity and Gender Depiction on Facebook
Grace Sang-Eun Hong
Advisor: Dr. Ethel Brooks