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  • Catherine Lee
  • Associate Professor
  • Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, 2003
  • Email: clee@sociology.rutgers.edu
  • Office: Davison Hall, 141
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  • Phone: 848-932-7807
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Catherine Lee is associate professor of sociology and faculty associate at the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research. As a political sociologist, she examines how meanings of race and ethnicity shape social relations and inequalities across three critical sites: immigration; science and medicine; and law and society. Catherine is the author of Fictive Kinship: Family Reunification and the Meaning of Race and Nation in American Immigration (2013, Russell Sage) and co-editor of Genetics and the Unsettled Past: The Collision of DNA, Race, and History (2012, Rutgers University Press). Her current projects include an investigation of the use of DNA testing in family reunification cases in the United States and Europe and of the meaning of diversity in U.S. biomedicine given shifting ethnic and racial demographics and the rise of multiraciality due to increased immigration.

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  • Program Areas:
  • Culture and Cognition
  • Gender, Sexuality and Embodiment
  • Health, Population, and Biomedicine
  • Politics and Social Movements
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration


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