Required Courses (offered once a year)

Classical Sociological Theory (Böröcz, CeruloMcLean, Zerubavel)
Contemporary Sociological Theory (BöröczChaudharyMcLean, Salime)
Professional Writing for Sociology / Writing Seminar (CeruloClarke, HirschfieldPhillips, Roos, Shepherd, Kempner, MacKendrick)
Second Year Paper Seminar, Fall Semester (LeeMacKendrick)
Second Year Paper Seminar, Spring Semester (LeeMacKendrick)
Social Research Methods (Brechin, Kempner, Lee, MacKendrick, Roos, Shepherd, Springer)
Statistical Methods in Sociology I (Cerulo, Hirschfield, LeiMaiPhillips)
Statistical Methods in Sociology II (Bzostek, Krivo, Lei, Davidson)

Recent Elective Courses

Spring 2023

Multilevel and Longitudinal Data Analysis (Lei)
Inequality, Health, and Population (Mouzon)
Gender and Sexuality (Stein)
Neighborhoods and Crime (Martinez-Schuldt)

Fall 2022

New Qualitative Methods (Jones) 
Health, Environment, and Society (MacKendrick)

Spring 2022

The Production, Consumption, & Symbolic Power of Culture (Chaudhary)
Deviant Behaviors and Deviant Cultures (Cerulo)

Fall 2021

Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality (Jones)
Qualitative Methods: Studying Lives (Stein)
Cognitive Sociology (Zerubavel)

Spring 2021

Computational Sociology (Davidson)
Cultural Sociology (Cerulo)
Domination and Resistance (Hirschfield)
Social Networks Analysis (McLean)

Fall 2020

Qualitative Methods (Dinzey-Flores)
Science and Technology (Bliss)
Sociology of Sexuality (Stein)

Spring 2020

Multilevel and Longitudinal Data Analysis (Lei)
Sociology of Incarceration (Friedman) 
Sociology of the Body (Kempner)
Cognitive Sociology (Zerubavel)

Fall 2019

Sociology of Work, Occupations, and Labor Markets (Mai)
Biological Citizenship (Lee)

Spring 2019

Social Change: A Graduate Seminar in Historical Sociology (Böröcz)
Cultural Sociology (Cerulo)
Power, Knowledge and Political Economy of Protest (Salime)

Fall 2018

Qualitative Methods (Brooks)
Sociology of Environmental Health (MacKendrick)
Sociology of Sexuality (Stein)
Space, Place, & Inequality (Dinzey-Flores)

Spring 2018

Domination and Resistance (Hirschfield)
Global Mobility, Inequality, and Social Change (Chaudhary)
Cognitive Sociology (Zerubavel)

Fall 2017

Politics and Business of Diversity (Lee)
Gender Theory (Springer)
Sociology of Culture: Authoritarianisms (Stein)
Social Network Analysis (McLean)

Spring 2017

Comparative/Historical Methods (Böröcz)
Sociology of Health and Illness (Kempner)
Telling Sociological Stories (Stein)

Fall 2016

Catastrophe and Collective Memory (Gerson)
Institutional Transmission of Inequality (Shepherd)
Qualitative Methods (Brooks)

Spring 2016

Cognitive Sociology (Zerubavel)
Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality (Dinzey-Flores)
Sociology of Gender and Sexuality (Stein)

Fall 2015

Deviant Behavior and Deviant Cultures  (Cerulo)
Global Structures  (Borocz)
Inequality and Opportunity  (Roos)
Narratives  (Gerson)
Sociology of the Body  (Kempner)

Spring 2015

Gender and Health  (Springer)
Political Sociology  (Brechin)
Qualitative Methods  (Carr)
Sociology of Organizations  (Clarke)

Fall 2014

Community Inequality  (Dinzey-Flores)
Mortality and Population Health  (Phillips)
Social Network Analysis  (McLean)
Sociology of Culture  (Shepherd)

Spring 2014

Culture, Cognition, and the Media (Cerulo)
Environmental Sociology  (MacKendrick)
Postcolonial Engagements  (Brooks)
Public Sociology  (Stein)
Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality  (Krivo)

Fall 2013

Cognitive Sociology  (Zerubavel)
Comparative/Historical Methods  (Böröcz)
Crime and Society  (Hirschfield)
Masculinities  (Springer)
Theorizing Gender  (Gerson)
Youth and Society (Hirschfield)

Spring 2013

Biosocial Experiments  (Springer)
Narratives (Gerson)
Politics of Reproduction (Lee)
Public Sociology/Contexts  (Stein)
Qualitative Methods (Brooks)
Race, Crime and Community  (Krivo)
Social Change  (Böröcz)

Fall 2012

Food: Social and Environmental Perspectives  (MacKendrick)
Global Subjectivities: Money, Power, and Protests  (Salime)
Sociology of Health and Illness  (Kempner)
Sociology of Sexualities  (Stein)
Space, Place, and Community  (Dinzey-Flores & Friedman)

Spring 2012

Comparative-Historical Methods (Lee)
Demography and Population Research  (Bzostek)
Power and Coercion  (Hirschfield)
Public Sociology  (Stein)
Time, History, and Memory  (Zerubavel)