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Rutgers University has moved teaching online for the remainder of the semester. For all those enrolled in classes, all instructors should have provided you with information on how to best contact them during this period. If you have more general departmental inquiries, please contact one of us using the email addresses below. Take care, all.

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Dissertations in Progress

(Updated February 2020)

Portia Allen-Kyle. The Role of the Supreme Court in the Legitimation of Deadly Force: A Narrative Analysis of Supreme Court Opinions of Deadly Force. (Paul Hirschfield, Karen Cerulo, Catherine Lee).

John Bailey. Digital Presumption and the Corporate Re-making of Everyday Life. (Karen Cerulo, Joanna Kempner, Paul McLean).

Andrea M. Catone. Associations of Variations in Parenting Practices and Methylation in the NR3C1, 11β-HSD1, 11β-HSD2, FKBP5, BDNF, SLC6A4, and DRD2 Genes in the Blood and Adipose Tissue. (Kristen Springer, Deborah Carr, Allan Horwitz).

Aghil Daghagheleh. Refusal Resistance, Subjectivity, and Construction of Arabness in Iran. (Zakia Salime, Jozsef Borocz, Arlene Stein).

Dilara Demir. Re-socializing the Medical Field: Transnational Diffusion of Cuba's Bio-Psycho-Social Model by U.S. Graduates of the Latin American Medical School. (Jozsef Borocz, Peter Guarnaccia, Ethel Brooks, Judith Gerson, Zaire Dinzey-Flores).

Robert Duffy. Fracking and Climate Change: An Analysis of California State Policy. (Steven R. Brechin, Norah MacKendrick, Rachel Shwom).

Haruki Eda. The Here and Now of Unification: Transnational Korean Community Organizing and the Embodied Geopolitics of Queer Diaspora. (Zakia Salime, Arlene Stein, Jozsef Borocz).

Benjamin Foley. Confederate Flags and Black Power: Exploring the Anti-Racist Discourse of the Young Patriots Organization. (Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Judith Gerson, Jozsef Borocz).

Alexandra Gervis. Portable Benefits: The Bending, Breaking, and Rebuilding of the Social Safety Net. (Hana Shepherd, Catherine Lee, Quan Mai, Jocelyn Crawley, Andrea Hetling).

Tsai-Yen Han. Dirt Management: Cleanliness, Child Hygiene, and Child Care in the United States. (Joanna Kempner, Norah MacKendrick, Eviatar Zerubavel, Emily Bosk).

Brooklynn Hitchens. Coping in Murder Town USA: How Urban Black Women Adapt to Structural Strain in a Violent, Small City. (Lauren Krivo, Patrick Carr, Dana Britton, Yasser Payne).

Amanda Kaplan. Against Discovering, With Facing: Sociological Encounters and their Cracks. (Ethel Brooks, Eviatar Zerubavel, Jozsef Borocz, Zaire Dinzey-Flores).

Mario Mercado-Diaz. The White Latinx Caribbean Home: A Study of Middle-Class Venezuelan, Cuban and Puerto Rican Middle-Class Migrants in the Suburbs of Houston, TX. (Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Catherine Lee, Hana Shepherd).

Irina Nicorici. Soviet Citizenship Deconstructed: Archives of Belonging and the Intersections of Gender, Race, Nationality, and Jus Laboris in Moldova (1948-2000). (Judith Gerson, Jozsef Borocz, Eviatar Zerubavel).

Stephanie Pena-Alves. In and Out: The Spatial Boundary Dynamics of Access and Power. (Eviatar Zerubavel, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Mary Chayko, Deborah Carr). 

Niina Vuolajarvi. Precarious Intimacies - Sex Work and Migration in the Nordic Prostitution Regime. (Arlene Stein, Zaire Dinzey-Flores, Catherine Lee, Carole Vance).

Nil Uzun Weidner. Need for Speed: Supercomputers and the Social Organization of Science. (Jozsef Borocz, Eviatar Zerubavel, Hana Shepherd).