APPENDIX A: M.A.–Ph.D. Timeline

The following timeline of coursework and other requirements for completing the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees is intended to provide guidance for making reasonable progress toward successful completion of the program. The faculty, particularly your adviser, committee members, and the graduate director, should be consulted to obtain the support needed to foster your work and meet the deadlines for reasonable progress (see section IX) or the 3-6-9 Plan.

For Cohorts 2013-2018, note that the deadlines for completing the qualifying papers (QP) and the dissertation proposal should be viewed as outer limits for finishing these requirements. The deadlines for approval of the QP proposals are strongly recommended in order to facilitate completion of the QPs by the deadlines.


Due to COVID and scheduling changes, for some cohorts not all required courses (particularly 541 and 542) will be listed in the sequence below. In those instances, please substite an elective for the requirement missing. Contact the GPD with any questions.

Year 1  
 Fall Spring
501 Research Methods (M) 516 Contemporary Theory (M)
515 Classical Theory (M)  542 Stat Methods in Soc II (P)
541 Stat Method in Soc I (M) Elective Course
Elective Course* Elective Course*
Proseminar  Proseminar 
Year 2  
Fall Spring
503 Second Year Paper Seminar (M) 504 Second Year Paper Seminar (M)
Elective Course Second Methods Course (P)
Elective Course Elective Course
Elective Course Elective Course*
Proseminar  Proseminar 
By November 15: Proposal for Second Year Paper approved By June 15: Second Year Paper defended
Year 3  
Fall Spring
Elective Course Elective Course
Elective Course Elective Course
Research Credits Research Credits
By November 15: Proposal for Final Qualifying Paper approved  
Year 4  
By November 15: Final Qualifying Paper defended
Work on the dissertation proposal
Writing seminar (second and subsequent enrollment for research credits)
Research credits  
Year 5   
By November 15: Dissertation proposal written and successfully defended
Research credits, writing and defending the dissertation
Year 6 
By August 15: Dissertation successfully defended
* Students may elect to take a fourth course.
(M) - Specific course required for the M.A.
(P) - Specific course required for the Ph.D.


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